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Foundations Graduates,
The Sky is the Limit!

Private, fun, customized coaching is available for all graduates of Terrier Academy’s Foundation Programs!


Coached programs are available to Terrier Academy clients who have completed initial programs. Each Coached Program is $547 per month, and can be a topic of your choosing, or one of the popular programs described below. A one month program includes: 1 month of personalized coaching via weekly 45-minute meetings at a set day and time each week, and daily video review & Q&A.


Popular topics include:

Your Own Personalized Program

While there are many programs to choose from on this page, this is actually the most popular one! Many clients pop in every now and then to work with me on a month-long program consisting of topic(s) of their chosing. Perhaps you have a challenge you want to address, but you also want to teach your dog tricks – we can do both!

At-Home Exercise: Level 1

Lack of exercise and repetitive and injury-prone exercise outlets such as fetch can have negative effects on long-term physical and behavioral health. This program will show you how you can exercise your active dog’s mind and body in enriching and safe ways, even indoors! 💪 🧠 This program engages the mind and body and will provide you and your dog with skills that you will both use for life. This course is also a must if you are interested in agility with a terrier.

Intro to Agility: Terrier Style!

Prerequisite: At-Home Exercise

Whether you just want to have fun with your dog and tire them out, or you have dreams of competing 🏁🏆 — you’ve come to the right place! Practice fun agility at home with no formal equipment, learn introductory terrier management techniques for agility environments, and learn introductory handling foundations that work for terriers. Why are handling techniques important even if you aren’t sure you’ll ever compete? Because, agility is all about the driver. Whether or not you plan on competing, your handling matters for everyone’s enjoyment.

Agility Competitors

Check out:

Low-Stress Handling for Companionship, Health, and Wellness

Terriers are so body sensitive! This deep dive program will prepare your dog for common types of at-home and veterinary handling. We will cover topics such as coat brushing, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and my favorite: teaching your dog to take pills! 💊 This program is focused on building trust and removing the need for restraint. This program is extremely important for any dog, but is critical if your dog has a health condition.

Strength and Conditioning Programs

I am a long-time canine fitness enthusiast, and am currently in the University of Tennesse’s Certified Canine Fitness Instructor program. I am passionate about helping terrier people develope their own at-home minimal equiptment programs that are tailored to their dog’s needs. I used to think I was alone in finding this wildly fun with a terrier – but second to my At Home Exercise program, this is actually my second most popular fun private coaching offering!

Tricks - Level 1

Take your terrier’s tricks to the next level, and have a blast together! My pup Miles was the first AKC & DMWYD Welsh Terrier Trick Dog Champion. Miles is a “10/10 working terrier” by nature, so if you think your terrier is an unlikely prospect, think again! ⚡⚡

DIY Clipped Haircut for Companion Terriers

This program is a combination of desensitization for your dog, and at-home clipping techniques for you ✂️. Your dog will feel safe and relaxed, haircuts will be fast and infrequent, and you will save money.

Terrier + Baby

Get your home, routines, and dog ready for your baby, and prepare with a little community of other expecting parents that you can stay in touch with long-term. Safety is paramount. Program graduates Eleni and Luke are shown above with permission of their lovely parents. Check out Luke’s instagram @lukethewelshie


Every year in my limited roster, I privately work with around 3-5 kids, teaching them how to train their dogs to do amazing things. I absolutely love working with children and recieve rave reviews from my junior handlers and their parents.

Door Crashers & Escape Artists

Through this program you will learn how to ensure your home environment is safe, and how to safely decrease dashing behaviors through terrier specific training. It can be especially useful if your dog suddenly starts trying to escape, and/or if your lifestyle, family, or home situation changes.

“Before this course Finn was escaping out of the front door constantly, so scary. Since our training it has taken all the intrigue and mystery of going out the front door. He’s doing so good with it. Thank you again for all your help!!!!”


With a few simple, cheap supplies, teach your dog the art of nosework! Nosework is a sport where you hide tiny vessels with minute scents in your enviroment, and you cue your dog to “search.” EVERY dog can do nosework, reguardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Dogs LOVE nosework!

Happy Safe Muzzle

This course details how to get set up with a properly fitted muzzle that will allow your dog to do everything that comes naturally to them: drink, pant, bark, be fed treats, breathe; but will inhibit their ability to bite and cause harm, and in some cases, to consume dangerous materials from the ground on walks. It can be taken as a Coached Program with Emma ($547) or on your own ($47).


The following self-directed online courses are also coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to Terrier Academy to be notified when they go live!

How To Dremel Your Dog's Nails

The first of its kind, a course that leads you through successful, force-free, fear-free dog nail Dremeling. A self-study, in-depth, easy to follow course using the highly effective Tap and Prize (TAP) protocol!

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures With Your Terrier

Can any dog enjoy freedom in the woods? 🌲⛰️🌲 On my blog, my terrier is often seen enjoying trails all over North America. I believe that hiking (being out in nature, free range of movement, longer mileage than normal walks) is a necessity for any working type of dog, and especially terrier types! In this course, you will learn how to introduce your dog to hiking trails safely, including how to deal with other dogs on trials!

Handstripping for Companion Terriers

There are many misconceptions about handstripping, including that it is painful, that you have to have your dog standingon a tight noose on a grooming table, or that you need to force your dog. Learn how to handstrip your dog safely, professionally, and with minimal equiptment. Handstripping at home has many benefits: a relaxed dog, a waterproof natural coat, less itchiness, and a richly colored coat. 💈You will save money long term, and your dog will feel safe and relaxed.

Understanding Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is one of the most common, yet startling and worrisome behavior challenges that people experience with terriers. In this comprehensive program you will learn never seen before methods that can be successfully and safely used, and learn all about resource guarding especially as it relates to terriers.
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