Worried About Your Terrier's Behavior?

Get the Help You Need.

Get started with a Behavior Plan which includes:

A detailed Assessment & Immediate Plan
+ 1 month of Special Coaching

Investment: $880
By Application Only


Worried About Your Terrier's Behavior?

Get the Help You Need.

Get started with a Behavior Plan which includes:

A detailed Assessment & Immediate Plan
+ 1 month of Special Coaching

Investment: $880
By Application Only


How Does the Behavior Plan Work?


Assessment & Immediate Plan

Week 1
In our first week we will meet for 1.5 hours over Zoom. This meeting is casual and relaxed. First, I will ask you detailed questions in a completely open minded manner. Then, I will go through your case with you and explain our Immediate Plan. My belief is that if you understand and are able to be an active part of the planning process, the changes will be easy to implement and will have profound and lasting results.

Special Coached Program

Weeks 2-5
In weeks 2-5 we will meet weekly for 45 minute meetings over Zoom. We will check in on your program and I will coach you through easy, innovative routines, training methods, behavior modification protocols, and new ways of understanding and working with your dog. Our priorities will naturally shift as we narrow down challenges. Knowing that you are working with a professional who is skilled and able to pivot as needed is the peace of mind you need for success with a terrier!


No Prior Tech Experienced Needed

All you need is WiFi and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


24/7 Support During Your Program

During your 5-week program you will be able to text message and email me unlimited questions. You will be encouraged to send video for review. Absolutely no concerns left unaddressed!

Help and... Fun?

It is time to feel less stressed and to let an expert do the heavy lifting! I like to make the process relaxing and fun. Gone are the days that when something didn’t work, you were told you either aren’t trying hard enough, or you did it “wrong!” We will work together as a team!


Will You Need More Coaching?

No matter your challenges, my goal is to help as efficiently as possible. If you will benefit from more coaching, you will feel empowered to ask for what you need, rather than being told. Subsequent coaching is $547/month.

Tootsie’s Story

Additional/Specialty Options

Special Coached Programs

Investment: $547 – 1 Month of Coaching
After Completion of a Behavior Plan

If more coaching would be beneficial for your case and you desire continued coaching, you will feel empowered to ask for what you need, rather than being told what you need. It is good to voice interest a few weeks ahead to ensure you can proceed in a seamless manner.

At Risk Assessment

Investment: $347

Are you a “failure” if you are concerned for your family’s safety? Are you a “bad person” if you are wondering if you can keep your dog? Is your dog “damaged” or “abnormal?” 

If you are asking yourself these questions, the answer to all is likely “no.” People find themselves in trouble because they end up in over their heads and feel they have nowhere to turn. In every case I have worked with, the client’s worries about safety were valid. It takes courage to reach out for help. After your Assessment you will receive a comprehensive document. The expert information you will receive will help you determine your next steps with confidence.

“The At-Risk Assessment put my family at ease with our decision while also providing us with a path forward. Emma acted professional at all times, even when my two-year old was interrupting the session! I would highly recommend the At-Risk Assessment.”

Rehoming Support Plan

If you are ready to rehome your dog, that means you have come to a very brave decision and you care deeply about the best interests of the dog you love very much. The decision should be the hard part, not the process.

“Had Emma not created such a safe-feeling, judgment-free zone, I don’t think I could have seriously even discussed re-homing, let alone consider it. It was the right choice for us.”

Luke’s Story

Frequently Asked Questions


The Behavior Plan is 5 Weeks. Will I need more sessions after that?

In the first week of your Behavior Plan, you will meet with me for a 1.5 hour Assessment. After this Assessment, you will receive a detailed Assessment and Immediate Plan. It is common to see significant changes in the first week through minor changes to routines.

Post Assessment, I have found 4 weeks of immersive coaching to be the ideal starting place. Less doesn’t tend to be optimal, unless you are wondering if you can really proceed (please see: At Risk Assessment) or if you are looking to rehome your dog (please see: Rehoming Support Plan).

The month after the Assessment we will meet weekly over the course of one month to work on the key issues. For some, 4 weeks of coaching will be enough. If the challenges are complex and/or well established, more than one month may be optimal. Further coaching is $547 per month. I offer as much support, information, and clarity about your situation as possible so you can be the driving force of whether you wish to proceed with more coaching. Clients who request more coaching do so feeling confident about their desire to proceed, rather than being told that they have to proceed.

What is the purpose of a Behavior Assessment?

Once you’ve identified that you are concerned about behaviors that your dog exhibits, we can meet for an in-depth Behavior Assessment. In this meeting, I will gather a comprehensive case history with you in a relaxed and conversational way. If you share your life with a partner or a spouse, they are encouraged to join us. In this meeting, I will assess what is happening in a data-based non-judgemental way, I will answer your questions, and I will explain immediate solutions that you can begin implementing right away. We will cover all aspects of your dog’s life. If helpful for your case, I will also discuss with you what a program moving forward might entail. Within 48 hours of our meeting you will receive a very detailed custom written assessment which will give you a very clear overview of my observations and summary, along with very clear and easy to follow recommendations to implement immediately. If helpful for your case I will also prepare any additional documentation, such as a letter for your veterinarian. You will have time afterwards to absorb all that we have talked about, and to decide how you’d like to proceed. You have a week of support after the Assessment to ask as many questions as you would like about the immediate plans and possible future plans.

Will I need sessions after the Behavior Assessment?

The quick answer is, “it depends on the dog, the situation, and if you want to proceed with a recommended plan.” You will feel empowered and supported with whatever path you chose.

During and after a Behavior Assessment, I will provide you with safety protocols and an immediate course of action that you will want to implement right away. Sometimes this will be enough to get you on the right track. Other times, additional coaching and support would be highly beneficial, in which case I will carefully outline goals for a program in your Assessment so that you can decide if it sounds like a good fit for you. Programs are booked by the month. Your Assessment will be detailed and clear, and you have a week after our meeting to ask me any and all questions you have as you decide on the next step. You will feel confident in your understanding of your options.

I'm not sure I can handle my dog's problems. Should I still do an At Risk Assessment?

This is the best reason to do an At-Risk Assessment.

First I will say, I do not approach these situations from a “will it work or won’t it” mindset, but rather, I will provide you with clear, consise, and understandable information that will empower you to find your footing and feel confident in your own instincts. I am very understanding of not just the dog side of the equation, but the human side as well. I am very compassionate about the struggles you might be going through. Not a single person who has worked with me on an At-Risk Assessment has ever not had the dog’s best interest at heart. If you are reaching out for help, you clearly care a great deal. The At-Risk Assessment will provide you with a clear picture of what addressing the challenges would look like, and it will provide you with expert information that will allow you to decide whether or not it would be safe and even possible for you to address the challenges yourself. I have helped many individuals and families address what can seem like insurmountable challenges in surprisingly simple, safe, straightforward, and very manageable ways — so it is better to reserve fears until we meet. Even if the challenges aren’t a good fit for you and/or your family, you shouldn’t have to feel frightened or terrible. If we are doing what is right for everyone’s well-being, that is not failure, that is success.

“What if I ultimately decide I can’t keep the dog?”

I won’t say whether or not this will be the case, as that is entirely up to you. I will provide you with clear and consise and compassionately delivered information to help you decide if it is safe or even possible for you to address challenges yourself. If you end up deciding rehoming would be the right choice, I have assisted many wonderful people and families through the decision to rehome their dog, and coached them in making the process as straightforward (and as ideal for the dog) as possible. We can discuss this option further if you come to this decision.

Do you work with other breeds of dogs, or mixed-breed dogs?

Any dog with a spirited terrier-style personality is welcome! I love working with rescue dogs with unknown genetic lineage who are clearly part of the terrier family. I foster tough cases now and then and am a big fan of giving misunderstood dogs a second chance.

I am just one person, so I dedicate my time to terrier types. If I feel your concerns are more general, I will provide you with an expert referral.


Non-terrier-types are 100% welcome to apply for Terrier Academy Courses or On-Demand programs. Training that is effective for terriers has to be pretty dang rock-solid… For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following video of my sister who is a very busy professional with her cats. She only had time for two sessions with me and these are the results for her rescue cats:

My dog and/or I have had negative experiences with training before. Why should we work with you?

I work with complex cases every week. Just because a case is tough doesn’t mean the approach for anyone should be.

My approach is data and science-based, and is based overwhelmingly on positive reinforcement for dogs AND people. If you or the dog are stressed when you are trying to take in new information, you won’t be learning optimally. I want the best possible experience and outcome for everyone involved. Methods and routines should feel approachable and comfortable – and most of all, flexible! If something isn’t working, it isn’t because someone is “bad” or “wrong,” it is because we need to adjust things and fine-tune. Given that I work with very “creative” terriers, adjusting and fine-tuning routines to the individual at hand is my passion and speciality! I always start every meeting with, “How are things going? Do you have any questions?” This allows me to prioritize what your needs truly are.

To get more of a sense of my coaching method, I recommend that you check out the client story videos that are peppered around this website (and compiled here). They probably can speak best to what I am like!

No one has been able to figure out what is wrong with my dog.

Because I am a specialist, I am able to work on interesting, highly specific cases and see patterns over time. Even though behavior is rarely simple, there are always reasons for behaviors, and it isn’t usually as simple as one reason. It is useful to remember that dogs rarely engage in worrisome ways because they want to. Often dogs are as confused and concerned as us. Finding the right professional and/or professionals can be the most efficient way forward towards helping you and your dog.

Health is a frequent consideration of cases I work on. I frequently collaborate with veterinary specialists on a wide variety of concerns. Especially if you have had trouble getting help getting the root of a possibly health related issue, I am very keen to offer my eyes on your case and collaborate with your veterinarian and/or veterinary team.

I am worried about my privacy.

I take your privacy seriously. As a fully certified animal behavior consultant with the IAABC, you can read the IAABC Code of Conduct that I adhere to. Without your explicit permission, I will not discuss whether or not you are my client or any of your details with any outside party. Only with your explicit permission and/or upon your request, will I be happy to consult with outside/related parties. You can also count on me to be focused on the betterment of your case, rather than your specifics.

* I do not prefer, recommend, or condemn certain dog breeders over others. If anyone understands that health and behavior are complex, it is me!

Can my dog be cured? Can you or someone else fix my dog?
Does remote coaching really work?

I have been a remote coach / behavior consultant since 2011.

I have found this way so effective that early that I have local clients also work with me remotely. You can read more about why remote online training is so powerfully effective for terriers in particular here, and/or you can check out the many client stories here. Each client addresses how effective remote coaching is in their story.

“I have a four year old Welsh Terrier and signed up for the Behavior Plan.  I wish I had done this sooner; there has been such an improvement in my dogs behavior!  Roxie is my third Welshie so I thought I knew how to work with her.  She was very sensitive to noise and motion – wanting to round up blowing leaves, falling raindrops, etc..  She also barked like crazy at every dog she saw which made walks in the neighborhood unpleasant.  Emma worked with Roxie and I and also collaborated with our veterinarian and the results have been wonderful.  She is a much happier and calmer dog and our neighborhood walks are now actually fun!  Working with Emma was so very helpful.”

– Gretchen, TX USA



Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

I am one of less than 500 fully Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the world through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). This certification is peer-reviewed and requires rigorous continuing education.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) which is accredited through the NCCA and requires professional testing and regulated continuing education. I am also Fear Free certified.

Science-Based Approach

I work from a science-based approach. I am data-focused and have a strong understanding of learning theory and behavior sciences which inspires me to be innovative in my approach.

Humane Methods

I believe that dogs and people should receive help free of assumptions, judgement, stress, and punishment.


I have been awarded 5 Maxwell Medallions and special awards through the Dog Writers Association of America for writing on dog behavior, training, and health.

Terrier Behavior Specialist

For over half a century we bred terriers for tough jobs that they had to bravely do on their own. When terriers don't adapt well to life as companion animals, they can be called "naughty" or "stubborn." These are signs something is amiss. My passion is to help people and terriers have wonderful lives together.

Terrier Teammate

Together my teammate Miles and I have achieved over 70 performance titles. Miles is the most titled Welsh Terrier internationally of all time; all accomplished without ever sacrificing his terrier spirit.

No judgement.
Just help, relief, and support.

Coco’s Hidden Talent

4 reviews for Behavior Plan

  1. Emily Powell (Verified Student)

    Emma has been a voice of reason and assurance since our first email exchange. Her calm, supportive approach – with no judgement on past training methods used – has created a collaborative partnership that focuses on the well-being of Arwyn and strengthening our relationship with him. We appreciate her straightforward, simple solutions that take into account our family’s needs, wants, and overall situation. We have seen such a difference since working with Emma!

  2. Jeannette Allen (Verified Student)

    Emma’s focused approach and customized homework helped our family resolve several issues with our Terrier. The results were impressive and brought more calm and balance into our household. The ability to send video to Emma during the program helped us confirm we were following the coaching correctly, and we were able to confirm our dog was responding positively to the assigned method and technique to correct behaviors. We love the humane, positive reinforcement approach Emma brings!

  3. Nancy Zinner (Verified Student)

    I’ll never write reviews, but in this case I want to make an exception. Working with Emma made A huge difference in my life and that of my dog Coco. Coco was a rescue and came to live with me about a year ago. She was a year old and had never received any training. Coco was a little maniac, but wonderful. A very sweet but stubborn and smart girl. We worked with Emma for many months and she was able to help us become a team. Emma helped with everything from basic training, letters to my vet, food, toys, and nose work. I would recommend her without reservation.

  4. Elise Achenbach (Verified Student)

    Emma’s training style & methods are so approachable, we’d recommend her to anyone.  We’d had a “difficult” terrier before, but didn’t leave our Assessment meeting with Emma feeling like we were failures.  In fact, rather than dwell on past training or trainers, Emma has a very forward-facing outlook. We have used the Behavior Plan with our 9-year old Cairn, and couldn’t be more pleased. If we could do anything over, we wish we’d met Emma 10 years ago.  There’s no reason to spend one more day wondering how you’re going to live with your dog or whether you even can.  Emma will professionally & compassionately help you sort it out.  Her plan is tailored to our needs. In past experiences, our dog could never focus in the group class setting.  One on one sessions were no better, because the facilities always had too many distractions for our dog.  Emma’s virtual training is fantastic – so easy, so convenient. No special or expensive equipment. Working with your dog in your home environment is brilliant.  Being able to send videos of training sessions or issues is unheard of (in our experience). If you’re at your wits’ end, you won’t be after you talk to Emma.

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