Dear Valued Clients,

During COVID, many businesses went under. During that time like other businesses I faced what felt like insurmountable challenges. I hired a business consultant to determine how to be fair with all clients, while ensuring that this business didn’t go under. My policies surrounding cancellations and reschedules changed. To my surprise, this worked really well, even during one of the hardest times in recent human history.

Recently, our world is finally opening up again! But with the recent freedoms, come new adjustments. Since the summer of 2022, a shocking 1/5th to 1/2 of the weekly roster are currently requesting emergency cancellations/reschedules every single week.

To be fair to all clients and in order to stay in business, I must stand by the policies that you have all have agreed upon and signed via the Client Policies and Waiver.

With that said, while I may not be able to reschedule last-minute cancelled meetings, I am very giving and flexible in finding ways to offer you each lesson plans and unlimited support for a week after you request your customized lesson plan in place of our previously scheduled meeting / support plan. I am dedicate to ensure that you still receive the individualized attention, lesson plan, and support that you deserve.

If you’ve recently faced a terrible personal tragedy, please reach out to me with full details so that I can discuss with you.

Thank you beyond words for supporting this small business!

Emma Kesler CDBC, CPDT-KA



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