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Animal Biome Instructions


Animal Biome is a company that offers gut microbiome testing and fecal transplant pill programs for dogs. Based on my client’s experiences and my own experience, their offerings are excellent for dogs struggling with allergies, digestive issues, and even behavioral issues. Switching to a really good terrier-friendly diet is often only about 70-80% of the battle. Some of our dogs still have inbalanced gut microbiomes. When the gut is dominated by limited bacterial groups, our dogs can feel crummy and have health issues.


This program is offered for anyone who wants to get the most out of the process. Balancing your dog’s gut microbiome is a complex process that can feel overwhelming without hearing from someone who has been through the process before. I have tailored this program to compliment the offerings of Animal Biome and it is designed for people with terriers based on a year of helping many clients with the process, and based on my own Animal Biome experiences.


This program includes client Q&A support throughout the process via email for up to 3 months. All support included in this program is only for Animal Biome related questions.


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