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 Every dog can benefit from muzzle training


Why Muzzle Train?


Stress Free Vet Visits

Did you know that your dog may need to be muzzled for veterinary visits/tests/procedures? It is important that they are really comfortable with being muzzled so that they do not experience stress at the vet.



When dogs are in pain, they often don’t know why, and can be snappy. If you dog is already terrified, the last thing you want to do is add to their terror with a new and/or uncomfortable muzzle. If your dog feels comfortable and safe in their muzzle, they won’t feel extra stress when they need it for safety reasons.


Dogs Who Can Be Snappy

If your dog has snapped at people or dogs before, it is very important to seek expert behavior help. For the majority of cases this course will help you fast track muzzle training so you can spend the time you have with your professional focusing on and tackling the tough stuff. There can also be wait time to get into the schedule of a qualified behavior professional, so you can begin this course right away. If you feel unsure or unsafe at any point with muzzle training, wait to proceed until you have consulted with your behavior professional. Even then, the materials in this course will likely compliment your program.


Dogs Who Eat Things on Walks

If your dog eats non-food items voraciously on walks, it is worth consulting with a behavior professional. For some dogs, this is an ongoing challenge, and a muzzle can be very useful for the dog’s safety! If you are waiting to see a behavior professional for this issue, please don’t delay on muzzle training. It could save your dog’s life.


Peace of Mind

Any dog can be unpredictable. If you are about to enter a new chapter in life with your dog, having them muzzle trained so that no unexpected surprises occur can be invaluable. You will be calmer, and in turn, your dog won’t pick up on any reasons from your body language to be concerned in new situations. If your dog has been through a behavior program with a professional, it can be wise to still muzzle them in new situations. Here is a great video clip of a Terrier Academy client about halfway through a program of getting used to her new fence neighbor. ❤️ They are great friends now!

Why Take This Course?


Methodical Positive Reinforcement Steps at a Very Low Cost

There is no reason to slap a muzzle on a pup without some training first with a course this affordable!


Go Back a Step as Needed

You can always go back to the core games of this course to ensure your dog is always happy, safe, and comfortable when wearing their muzzle. There are lots of games and suggestions towards how you can make the muzzle a positive experience long-term, without regressing to discomfort or fear.


Learn all About the Best Equipment

So often the wrong muzzle or the wrong treats lead to really unpleasent experiences. All of the clients I have worked with who had dogs who had negative experiences with muzzles previously have graduated this program with immense success.


Packed with Footage, Easy Training, and Information

This course is loaded with real life footage (no highlight reels!), training that is very easy to follow and implement, and information that is completely positive-reinforcement based and relaxing for you and your dog.


Compliments Behavior Programs

This can be taken in conjunction with any other course or private coaching program. You can refer to the steps as needed and revisit it throughout your year of access.


Learn How to to Handle People's Questions

Often a muzzle is avoided at all costs because of the stigma attached. There is copious advice in this course that works!

Your Instructor
Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA is an award-winning certified dog behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer. Emma has been coaching clients around the world for a decade, and is known for her engaging instruction style and focus on "tricky to train dogs."

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