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How To Dremel Your Dog’s Nails

The first of its kind, a course that leads you through successful, force-free, fear-free dog nail Dremeling. A self-study, in-depth, easy to follow course using the highly effective Tap and Prize (TAP) protocol!

* Dog industry professionals, this course has an affiliate program!

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About This Course



In this at-your-own-pace course, you will be expertly guided through clear and concise steps to positively acclimate your dog to nail Dremeling for long-term success. This course is designed with many options and flexible steps so that you can customize the program for your dog. You will learn proper Dremeling techniques so you can care for your dog’s nails safely and confidently.

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Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA is an award-winning certified dog behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer. Emma has been coaching clients around the world for a decade, and is known for her engaging instruction style and focus on "tricky to train dogs."

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Affiliate Program for dog industry professionals! Click here to learn more and apply.

I created this course to allow anyone regardless of experience to revolutionize the way we approach caring for our dogs’ nails.

Nail care is so different from any other regular care procedure. Even regular injections are “one off” moments, whereas nail care is by nature repetitious since most dogs have 20 nails!

This easy-to-follow, in-depth, carefully-designed, at-your-own-pace program exceeds what we as professionals typically have the ability to offer our clients one-on-one or in group classes. Even as an innovator in this space, when trying to help clients privately or in group settings, I found my clients focused on the interval of our work together more than the step their dog needed to stay on. Some steps, clients will breeze through. Other steps, they will need to spend extra time on. Nail care never seemed like it fit in a one-on-one or group coached setting… So I spent a year formulating and developing this course.

This program splits the steps up carefully with written, verbal, and visual documentation for every step, is accessible for every learning style, and allows anyone to create their own successful program at their dog’s pace, without comparing themselves to others. No more skipping steps or feeling pressure to rush the dog, all at a highly affordable cost!

By becoming an affliate, you can promote positive dog nail care AND make some extra money!

Dog breeders, veterinarians, vet techs, dog trainers, dog behavior consultants, dog walkers, dog sitters, dog influencers, and others in the industry are all welcome to apply. I am excited to work with you. Let’s share the joy of stress-free nail care together!

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Why Dremel instead of nail clipping?

Many dogs are terrified of nail clipping because the pinching motion can be uncomfortable and painful, and it is easier for us to accidentally cut the nails too short, causing pain and bleeding. If done properly, nail Dremeling is a safe, effective, and gentle way to keep your dog’s nails healthy. As an added benefit, you will be able to keep your dog’s nails smooth, which will help to prevent torn dog nails, and will lessen scratching of your skin, your clothing, and your furniture.

Is it just "treats?" Because my dog is still afraid with treats...

Nail trimming is one of the most unavoidable aspects of caring for a dog, but it shouldn’t feel high-stakes or aversive for you or your dog. If food is used to trick or lure a dog into nail care, even taking out treats can signal to the dog that it is time to feel stressed and afraid. That is the opposite of what we want!

Many of you coming to this course are here because your dog is unsure about having their nails cared for. The bulk of the footage in this course is of dogs who used to be very fearful about having their nails trimmed, who would NOT eat food during traditional nail care, and all of the demonstration dogs are very body-sensitive. You won’t be seeing any short highlight reels of “easy going” types of dogs, or of dogs who will walk through a fire to get to food! The goal of this course is to fully relax your dog to the process and to get them to a place where they can feel relaxed enough to enjoy food rewards.

What if my dog has had bad experiences with handling/nail care?

Fear not, this course is designed for everyone. The primary footage in this course is of an adult dog who used to be terrified of having his nails trimmed, and who is very sensitive to being touched and handled.

If your dog has a bite history or is extremely fearful or unpredictable, or a lot of supression has been used and your dog doesn’t feel comfortable giving warning signs of stress, I urge you to consult with a qualified behavior professional before embarking on at-home nail care. This program is likely still a great option once you have gotten some help!

What if my dog has pain issues, is older and delicate, and/or has orthopedic issues?

This course is excellent for dogs with health issues. In this course there is no pulling, extension, or compression applied to any part of your dog’s body and your dog will be able and encouraged to make it clear if anything is awkward or uncomfortable. It is a great idea to talk to your dog’s veterinarian about what positions might be safest.

Often when we are worried about our dogs getting hurt through nail care, we have their nails done at the groomer’s or veterinary clinic. However, these are often places where your dog will stiffen up, and where the professionals you hire feel the constraints of time and the need to “get the job done.” It is a great idea to learn how to help your dog feel safe with at home nail care, so this course is perfect for you!

I would love your professional feedback on my progress!
How wonderful that you care so deeply about making sure you and your dog are on the same page for gentle, easy nail trimming! I offer three options for people who want a bit of extra personalized help:

1. One Video Review, $20
2. Package of 6 Video Review $100
3. Private Grooming Program, 1 month of support and feedback, weekly 45-minute private lessons $480 (please apply first here)

How long will I have access to the course?

Your payment grants you access for 1 year. This course will be routinely updated over time, and with its “choose your own adventure” format, it is a great resource to refer back to if your dog’s comfort level shifts or changes.

I am taking the course and have questions!
I have a Patreon page for this course here, where you can subscribe for $5 a month and post your questions. I will answer individually, and as needed in a recorded Q&A.

Video review is also available for purchase here.

Is there support offered for the course?

The course is extremely comprehensive and detailed. When you have completed the course, there is an option for those who wish to go further to subscribe to a special support group where I share exclusive content, and answer member questions.

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