With the right foundation,
a terrier can learn and do nearly

Foundation Programs



Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA’s one-on-one coached Foundation Programs set you and your terrier up for a lifetime of enjoyment. You CAN share your life with a terrier who is relaxed, confident, focused, and loves working with you. Unlock the hidden intelligence, passion, and spirit of your best friend.



Puppy Foundations

1 Consultation
1 Month of Immersive Coaching

Get a head start with your terrier puppy, ideally before they come home! In this program you will be coached on the best routines, and your puppy will learn a solid foundation of skills.

Advanced Foundations

1 Month of Immersive Coaching

Prerequisite: either Puppy Foundations or Foundations Plus+. Create the terrier genius you never thought was possible!

Foundations Plus+

Assessment & Immediate Plan
1 Month of Foundations Coaching

Didn’t do Puppy Foundations right from the start? Shift gears and learn to work with rather than against your terrier’s nature. Get the help you need, and success with foundations!

What's After Foundations?

Alumni Programs are available to graduates of Advanced Foundations and the sky is truly the limit of the fun and impressive things you can do with your best friend terrier buddy.

“We don’t know what we would have done without Emma. She didn’t teach us how to train a dog but how to live with a dog as a partner.”


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