Individual Coached Program

Foundations Plus+

For puppies who are already at home
and/or for 4+ month old puppies

Detailed First Meeting & Immediate Plan
+ 1 Month of Foundations Coaching

Investment: $880
Limited Spots, By Application Only


Individual Coached Program

Foundations Plus+

For puppies who are already at home
and/or for 4+ month old puppies

Detailed First Meeting & Immediate Plan
+ 1 Month of Foundations Coaching

Investment: $880
Limited Spots, By Application Only


Individual Coached Program

Foundations Plus+

For puppies who are already at home
and/or for 4+ month old puppies

Detailed First Meeting & Immediate Plan
+ 1 Month of Foundations Coaching

Investment: $880
Limited Spots, By Application Only


Is your puppy already home, or are you bringing home an older pup? Start uncovering the potential of your new best friend. All with kind methods, for you and your wild wiry little puppy.

How Does Foundations Plus+ Work?


Assessment & Immediate Plan

Week 1

Our first meeting is 1-1.5 hours via Zoom where we will look at your dog’s history, your needs and lifestyle. We will catch up and get started with an immediate plan that gets you on the best track forward for terrier puppy raising, taking into consideration that you will be also waiting on new supplies and troubleshooting to accomodate this. The Assessment & Immediate Plan will put you in a wonderful position to begin the Foundations portion of the program!

A Month of Foundations Coaching

Weeks 2-5

Next we will continue to meet weekly for 45 minute meetings on a regular day/time via Zoom. This month will include following up on the progress of your initial plan, working on terrier specific remedial socialization, and starting Terrier Specific Foundations.

What Will We Accomplish in Foundations Plus+?

In Foundations Plus+ you will learn fantastic new routines that work for your specific lifestyle, troubleshooting, how to communicate with and respond to your dog effectively, how to better your dog’s individual well-being in profound ways, and we will address challenges and critical terrier-specific foundations.


No Prior Tech Experienced Needed

All you need is WiFi and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Fun Fun Fun!

Gone are the days of stressful group classes where your terrier is wildly distracted, or where you seek private help and are met with judgement. In this program you will feel supported and you will see your terrier transform into a more confident, relaxed, and focused dog who relishes working with you.

24/7 Support During Your Program

During this 5-week program you will be able to text message and email me any questions that you have about all aspects your program. You will be encouraged to send videos for review. Absolutely no concerns left unaddressed! I will also work with your veterinarian if helpful.


Will I Need More Coaching?

After this program, those that are all set proceed onward and keep me updated, and those who are really excited about their progress and want to fast track to a higher level can request more coaching. Every case has different challenges and you will feel empowered to make this choice for yourself. Subsequent coaching is $547 per month.

All aspects are covered to get you on track and enjoying life with your intelligent and hilarious terrier. 

Let’s get rid of the stress, and start the life with your terrier you have dreamed of.

You and your terrier want to enjoy life together and relax! What are you waiting for?

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  1. Sara Baylor (Verified Student)

    All the praise in the other reviews is absolutely valid! Emma is a wonderful trainer with a very solid grasp on the terrier temperament. Obi was at the age for Foundations Plus by the time we enrolled him, and Emma helped us hit the ground running.

    It’s hard to make decisions about providing training for your dog, so I listed some of the questions we had before we engaged Emma, and how that worked out for us and for Obi – our sweet Welsh Terrier (like Miles!) Hopefully, these answers will help others decide to take the leap and enroll their terriers too! It really makes all the difference!

    1. “Can online training really work? Doesn’t the trainer need to be with the dog?” We really weren’t sure either, but it was clear after our first lesson w/ Emma that she wasn’t training Obi – He lives with us…trusts us…needs to communicate with us. She taught us to teach him! Not to say that other trainers don’t do this too, but this does mean that online training can be VERY effective!

    2. “This is a big investment and the puppy really isn’t doing anything all puppies don’t do. Should I really spend a lot of money on this?” Obi wasn’t doing anything terrible. He had pica, but he really was a good little guy. Still, I kept thinking about the dog two doors down that barks nearly all time; and my friend’s dog, who jumps on everyone incessantly; and my socks. Obi loves textiles and even on his best-behaved day, no fabric goes unnoticed. I wondered if my clothes and linens would survive him. So, my advice is not to wait until your terrier pal is misbehaving to get training! Then you’ll have a dog that doesn’t listen, and he’s ‘not listening’ at all the worst times. Obi still presents challenges, but he is a wonderful bright little guy and I KNOW that we’d have more challenges if we had not engaged Emma before there were serious problems. You will get what you pay for with this class! The value is awesome!!

    3. “Am I going to learn anything I can’t learn by taking my puppy to a local puppy class?” I can’t say with certainty, but I think there’s a good chance you will! In my own words, Emma doesn’t teach with the sole goal of basic obedience. For example, Obi learned a few things before he learned ‘sit’. There are more valuable things, such as coming when he’s called. Emma served as a translator between us and Obi, until we learned to ‘speak his language’. Now, we can better understand Obi’s signals to us and he is very eager to please us. We can apply this to teach him other things in the future.

    4. “What if my dog doesn’t seem like a typical terrier. Will this class still work?” I’d always heard that terriers were stubborn and willful and not able to really learn much. I’d never owned one before and Obi just seemed like any other puppy to me, terrier or not. Obi has proven that they know their own minds, but it turned out that Obi was a very eager learner. Emma found his pace and made the lessons suitable for him. She helped us move ahead on things he did well and kept us practicing on things he was less eager to do. When Emma is working with you, it will be like your dog is the only dog she thinks about.

    5. “I’m pretty busy. Can I really get this done?” Yes you can! Like anything else you have to practice. We did homework every day, but it never took any more than 30 minutes total. The homework pays! I took the opportunity on my lunch breaks to read the materials Emma provides about various things. Additionally, Emma will respond to emails and texts when you have questions. I shared numerous videos of practice and she critiqued and gave feedback that we could practice with before our next meeting.

    So, if you’re thinking about taking this class, I’d say go for it. Emma can help if you’re having issues and she can help BEFORE you have issues. Terriers can learn! If Obi is any indication, they can really ENJOY IT! Obi’s tail wags basically nonstop when we do homework. He loves the engagement and the mental stimulation. It’s a great program and Emma knows her stuff! If you trust her advice and give it a chance to really work, it will really work!!!

    Foundations Plus+Foundations Plus+

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  2. michelle najda (Verified Student)

    Griffin was 4 months old when we applied for Foundations Plus+. We were prepared but were struggling with lots of nipping, house training, digestive issues, eating stuff off the ground, trouble settling, stealing of objects… There were some times where we really weren’t sure what to do. My son’s dream was to have a buddy, and he didn’t feel comfortable around Griffin.
    Thanks to Foundations Plus+ we are loving life with Griffin now, and best of all, my son has the sweet fun best friend he always dreamed of!

    Foundations Plus+Foundations Plus+

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Concerning Challenges?

Common puppyhood challenges include house training issues, puppy nipping, poor recall, stealing “contraband” and parading around the house with it, trouble settling at quiet times, and difficulty getting your terrier’s attention and keeping their focus. If your challenges involve a bite history, resource guarding, safety concerns with children and/or other pets, or any other concerning challenges, please apply here:

Behavior Help

What Alumni Think of Foundations PLUS+

Emma is the best. I have found the lessons very helpful. Meghan, our four-legged child was very difficult; to handle. Without her help we would not have been able to deal with her.

Our dog, Meghan, was impossible to walk. She was wild. I could not go half a block. She is a pleasure to be with now. She has responded to Emma’s techniques very well. She would not respond to traditional methods.

To anyone thinking about working with Emma I say JUST DO IT



A past trainer used coercive training techniques. The dog and I both disliked the class. The trainer did not seem to know the dog or care about anything but her own techniques. She did not give the dog the desire to comply.

Training sessions with Emma are enjoyable. She addresses our specific concerns and issues rather than just a standard list of topics. Emma let’s us set the pace with our questions and needs. Emma has helped with training, feeding, housebreaking, and keeping both Stella and our furniture safe.

I had some doubts about online training, but it has been very easy. We can watch Emma demonstrate with Miles and then Emma can watch us work with Stella.



Emma is approachable, supportive, positive, and a great problem solver! We have appreciated working with her to help us help Puck! It was great to have a specific plan to focus on each week, and know that we would review again the following session, and Emma would help correct and fine tune our training.

I think we have more respect for how hard Puck is working and trying to learn and please us. It feels more natural for us to focus on good behavior than focusing on “no” and negative reinforcement. He is so smart, and Emma’s training has helped us see that!

We think this is a great investment in helping us all live together happily!

Doug & Elizabeth


Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I invest in coached foundations for my terrier?
Terriers often respond marginally or even poorly to one-size-fits-all methods. What works for one type of dog can be confusing or stressful for another. I do not work from a “method” where you must follow steps 1-10 to achieve the perfect dog. Method based programs can result in dog guardians feeling like failures if they try to implement the method and it doesn’t work. Instead, I come to you as a coach who is well-educated in learning theory and behavior science, and it is my honor and my thrill to adjust your program to what will allow you and your terrier to THRIVE.
Why does Foundations Plus+ cost more than Puppy Foundations?

Is your puppy already home?

Once your puppy comes home, they are learning in every single second. My puppy programs work through very targeted “training” sessions that you will do with your puppy for around 5-10 minutes a day… But, the bulk of the work and thought actually relate to your daily routines, and getting you set up for success and relief! If your puppy is already home and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, Foundations Plus+ is the right fit for you. It begins with a much longer meeting where we can back track a bit, come up with temporary solutions while you wait for your new recommended supplies, and we can make sure that you are on the right path forward.

Is your puppy over 4 months old?

Puppyhood is a precious time for terriers. Once your puppy is more than 4-5 months old, they will be past the socialization period. The socialization period is critical for terriers, not just because it is such a wonderful time for accelerated learning, but also because it is the age where clever little terrier puppies will very rapidly establish routines and associations. Rapid development of set behavior patterns can be a blessing, or a curse! Terrier puppies raised with routines that might work for a more classic “companion” type of dog can develop behavior challenges very rapidly. Maladaptive behaviors can escalate quickly in terriers and become quite challenging long before a dog is even a year old. It is not uncommon to be feeling overwhelmed very early on. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is because strong and complex patterns have already been established, and it will take some careful organization and troubleshooting to unravel established behaviors.

A more intensive program

The Foundations Plus+ program is more intensive because we are no longer working from a preventive perspective. We will be regrouping in a major way. In Foundations Plus+, I will spend some valuable early time with you in the Assessment to really figure out what is currently going on, so that I can develop a plan to troubleshoot and address immediate concerns as efficiently as possible. I get it, you need relief and you need it yesterday. In the following month of coached sessions, your program will also include extra Q&A, and additional weekly notes and documentation.

My puppy/dog will be older than 4 months, but I don't have him/her yet. Is this program the right fit for us?

The first meeting is a 1.5 – 2 hour scheduled meeting via Zoom where we will look at your soon-to-be puppy or dog’s history, age, and we will talk about your lifestyle. We will look at the type of environment in which the dog was raised and develop a plan that will included all aspects of their new life with you: appropriate and important socialization plans, carefully set-up home environment and early routines, and more. Within 48 hours of our meeting you will receive a detailed 5-10 page plan that you can begin working on immediately.

My dog and/or I have had negative experiences with training before. Why should we work with you?

My approach is data and science-based, and is based overwhelmingly on positive reinforcement for dogs AND people. If you or the dog are stressed when you are trying to take in new information, you won’t be learning optimally. I want the best possible experience and outcome for everyone involved. Methods and routines should feel approachable and comfortable – and most of all, flexible! If something isn’t working, it isn’t because someone is “bad” or “wrong,” it is because we need to adjust things and fine-tune. Given that I work with very “creative” terriers, adjusting and fine-tuning routines to the individual at hand is my passion and speciality! I always start every meeting with, “How are things going? Do you have any questions?” This allows me to prioritize what YOUR foundation needs truly are.

To get more of a sense of my coaching method, I recommend that you check out the client story videos that are peppered around this website. They probably can speak best to what I am like!

Do you work with other breed types of dogs, or mixed-breed dogs?

Any dog with a spirited terrier-style personality is welcome! I love working with rescue dogs with unknown genetic lineage who are clearly part of the terrier family. I foster tough cases now and then and am a big fan of giving misunderstood dogs a second chance.

I am just one person, so I dedicate my time to terrier types. If I feel your concerns are more general, I will provide you with an expert referral.


Non-terrier-types are 100% welcome to apply for Terrier Academy Courses or On-Demand programs. Training that is effective for terriers has to be pretty dang rock-solid… For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following video of my sister who is a very busy professional with her cats. She only had time for two sessions with me and these are the results for her rescue cats:

Do I need to be technologically savvy?
Nope! Many of my clients had done very little on a computer, tablet, or smartphone before working with me. As long as you have a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer and a WiFi connection, you are good to go! I use Zoom and will be happy to help you with it.
How do I book live online coaching?
Live online coached programs are by application only. Please look carefully over the different programs and pricing, and once you are ready, apply by clicking the “apply” buttons and filling out the intake form. I read applications carefully and admit clients if they are the right fit. After reviewing your application, I will email you know if you are a good fit for the program, and from there, we will discuss details and scheduling. Foundation Program spots are limited, so please try to apply as much in advance as possible.
For the Coached Sessions, can we meet at different days/times or with gaps in the schedule?

Foundations Plus+ is all about setting up a strong foundation for a successful present and long-term future for both you and your puppy. For the Coached Sessions portion of the program, is important that you are able to meet once a week with Emma on a set day/time. The good news is, even if your location shifts during the program, meeting virtually is very accomodating for travel or location changes. 

Foundations programs are not scheduled where there will be planned gaps outside of the weekly format for the Coached Sessions. The first 4 weeks are absolutely critical. If you foresee that that this sort of scheduling may be challenging, you will still want to apply in advance, but you will want to share what month(s) in your application that would be ideal start times for you.

* Terrier Academy books on holidays, but never on weekends.

What do the online "Coached Session" look like?

About a week or so after we meet for the 1-1.5 hour Assessment and Immediate Plan, we will dive into foundations coaching. Foundations Plus+ includes a month of weekly meetings for the Coached Sessions portion. Each session is 45 minutes long and typically looks like this:

  1. We check in about how everything is going, and make sure all of the Immediate Plan setup, care, and health stuff is going smoothly. If there are any areas for improvement, we will discuss ways to streamline your routines to suit your pup and your lifestyle.
  2. I will explain the week’s topics, and run through the homework that is in your Terrier Academy account.
  3. Usually I will then demonstrate the exercise(s) with my dog Miles so you can see what you will be doing this week.
  4. Then you get to try! If you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t worry at all. I am a master at online coaching as I have been doing this for over a decade. You will feel supported and relaxed as you try the exercise(s) with your pup.
  5. I get to watch your dog and observe how they learn and what motivates them, and I can offer really exciting and unique tips and insight as we work together.
  6. At the end of the session, we check in again to ensure all of your questions are answered.
  7. After the session, you will have access directly from your Terrier Academy account to course materials, and the ability to text message or email me any and all questions you might have, and to send me video for review if you like.
What happens after I complete Foundations Plus+?

After you complete Foundations Plus+, your terrier will understand how to work with you, you will both learn how to communiucate with each other, and you will both have great socialization and home routines under your belts. At this stage, alumni are amazed at how different their relationship with their terrier is and surprised at learning who their terrier really is! At this stage, you may be inspired based on your success to go to the next level.

Advanced Foundations delves deeper into more advanced skills that you will both retain for life.

After completing Advanced Foundations, the sky really is the limit for what you can achieve with your terrier! Check out Terrier Academy Courses!

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