Handstripping Supplies

  1. This Knife Set
  2. These Mini Clippers
  3. This Brush (yes it is tiny!)
  4. This Bed (specifically for grooming sessions)


Clippered Dog Supplies

  1. These Clippers
  2. This Brush  (yes it is tiny!)
  3. This Bed (specifically for grooming sessions)


Bathing & Ear Care

  1. Best gentle shampoo
  2. Best shampoo for dogs recovering from skin irritation/allergies
  3. Best shampoo for dogs who have active allergies
  4. Best ear cleanser
  5. Licki mat for bathing

There is no reason to limit how many baths your dog gets. Show dogs who have the most beautiful coats are bathed constantly, and dogs with allergies benefit from baths after outdoor exposure.


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