Coco – Bed Game

“Go Mat!” 🛏️

This game is really important for many, many applications throughout your dog’s life. This week, practice this exercise after 5 minutes of Down training. I like to use a flat dog bed, folded towel, bath mat, or other flat mat/bed. Avoid using big fluffy or lipped beds because your puppy will grow tired of climbing in and out and may even feel sore.


  • Practice AFTER 5 minutes of this week’s Down training
  • 1-2x per day, for 5-15 minutes

Items Needed

  1. Clicker
  2. Treats in treat pouch
  3. Flat dog bed, bath mat, folded up towel

The Game

  1. Chose a low-distraction, open area.
  2. Place the bed on the ground in front of yourself.
  3. Toss a treat away, “go get it!”
  4. Watch your puppy very carefully as they get their treat – the second they see you again, point purposefully at the mat and say “go mat!” in a cheerful voice. You want to do this when they are far away from you, and then remove your hand before they can nip at it! 😉
  • Repeat
  • If your puppy comes back to you and seems distracted, start from Step #1. Don’t worry at all! This is normal and tossing treats away will actually help your puppy gather their focus, as it relieves any learning stress they may be experiencing. Afterall, this is high-level stuff for a baby puppy! But terriers can do it! 💪