Coco – Loading the Clicker

Loading the Clicker 🛎️

Your puppy will learn from this simple exercise that the sound of the click means a treat is coming. Moving forward, the clicker will be used in training situations where the sound of the clicker will be more precise than saying “yes.”

Traditionally, a dog would only know if a treat was coming because they’d see our hand in our pocket, holding the treat, etc. While we want to use a lot of treats for training, we don’t want the treat to become the cue to work. Saying “yes!” or clicking your clicker is a promise a treat is coming. Now you don’t have to sweat how fast you get your puppy the treat, and your training can be more relaxed!


  • 1x per day, for 3 days
  • Priority Level: Medium

Items Needed

  • Treat pouch with treats

The Game

  1. Sit in front of your puppy with the clicker in one hand and a handful of treats in the other hand.
  2. Click the clicker, then immediately give your puppy a treat.
  3. Repeat until the little handful of treats are gone

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