Coco – Recall Game

Recall Game


  • Practice when you can
  • Priority Level: Casual

Items Needed

  • 2 people, each ready with treats in their pockets/pouches
  • One wild, wiry pup!
  • Safety: Practice indoors (ideally in places with traction) or outdoors either on a long line or in a safely fenced area. Avoid playing this game on slippery surfaces or in the rain to avoid excited puppy injuries.

The Game

  1. First person will call your pup’s name, “________, touch!”
  2. When they come, throw your hand down for a hand touch. When your puppy touches their nose to your hand, say “yes!” And give them a treat!
  3. Now the second person can repeat the exercise from Step #1 to create a relay.
  • Repeat until *just* before you suspect your puppy will start tiring of the game! This is a GREAT way to tire your pup out AND teach a solid recall at the same time.
  • If you find your pup not interested, either try again later, or increase the value of the treats. I like bits of cooked chicken breast or steak. In a pinch lunchmeat or cheese is ok once in a while too.