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I am not a veterinarian or a licensed dietary expert. However, I do recommend commercially available fresh food diets for terriers. I have seen immense behavioral and health benefits over the last decade for client’s dogs and for my own dog. Such diets are now easy to do and commercially available and easy to feed.


Learn All About Raw Food in 5 Minutes:

Tips on Getting Started

Benefits of Raw Food

  • Healthy, happy, strong gut
  • Calmer behavior
  • Less drinking, less peeing
  • Significantly less pooping, typically 1-2x per day
  • Firmer, smaller, less smelly stools
  • Clean teeth
  • No “doggie” smell
  • No bad breath
  • Strong immune system
  • Severely reduced allergies
  • End to itchy, uncomfortable smelly paws
  • Excellent appetite

How to Transition

  • Switch to raw with no adjustment period – even if the brand says not to. Even if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Do not mix with kibble. If you want more details as to why please skim this article (ignore last part about apple cider vinegar)
  • Start for the first week with just the raw food, 1 teaspoon of pumpkin per meal, and no supplements. After two weeks you can add in the green cubes if you desire, and start adding in any other supplements (read on for more details).

How Much to Feed

  • DO NOT FOLLOW FEEDING CALCULATORS!!!!!! Avoid company feeding guides.
  • Welsh, Wirefox, and Lakeland terriers should be started on 4oz a day total.
  • Tell me your dog’s breed, age, and current weight and I will make a recommendation.
  • I feed my 22 pound extremely active dog between 4-4.5 ounces a day, when feeding calculators say he should get 11 ounces a day! Keep in mind we want to avoid overweight pets, and we also will be using high-quality meal-grade treats in addition to the raw food.

Choosing Proteins

  • When you are staring your dog on raw, I recommend starting with only 1-2 proteins for the first 1-2 months. It is always best to spend a bit more on low-allergen proteins starting out, such as: duck, rabbit, kangaroo, and pork. Lamb is an alternative if you cannot get access to those.
  • After your dog has been on 2 proteins for 1-2 month and is doing well, you can begin varying their diet. Variety is great on raw!
  • TRY TO AVOID: beef/bison, turkey, and chicken (chicken is low-nutrient and cheap). Many dogs are allergic to turkey. When you are starting out especially, avoid these proteins. Fish isn’t ideal when you are starting out either.

Brands in the USA

* Ask me for recommendations if you are NOT in the USA
Bones & Co (store locator link – locally only)

I advise for this brand you call listed stores to confirm availability, as their locator isn’t always accurate.

  • This brand is becoming available across the USA! It is excellent quality and comes in convenient portions.
  • I recommend starting with their duck (first choice) or lamb (second choice), and avoiding beef/chicken/turkey.

Primal Frozen Raw Nuggets (store locator link – locally only)

I advise that you call listed stores to ensure they sell FROZEN Primal.

  • 3lb bags of “nuggets” (these are 1 ounce each)
  • 6lb bags of “patties” (these are 8 ounces each)
  • The nuggets are conveniently portioned. When using the store locator linked, call the stores to inquire about “Primal Raw FROZEN Nuggets” because some stores only carry the dehydrated version.
  • Primal tends to be the most expensive option.
  • When starting out, avoid beef/chicken/turkey. I like duck, rabbit, and pork. Lamb is an alternative if those 3 are unavailable.

Raw Fed K9 (delivers via FedEx anywhere in the USA)

  • They offer 8 ounce patties OR 2 ounce medallions. If you have a dog under 30lbs or a puppy, the medallions don’t involve any dividing and can be convenient but do cost more. The patties cost less and involve some prep which I find fast and easy – see a video of me prepping them here.
  • For the 8oz patties, order by selecting “Complete Mix Sample Pack” and for all options select “Whole Prey > Pork.”
  • For 2oz medallions, order by selecting “Complete Mix – Medallions” and for all options select “Whole Prey > Pork.”
  • If you have extra freezer space and really want to save money, go for the 30lb “Complete Mix” which is 30lbs of 8oz patties! Again, I recommend ordering “Whole Prey > Pork.”
  • Raw Fed K9 has offered my clients a discount with coupon code “milesandemma”

Top 4 Necessary Supplies

#1: Bowls

    #2: Healthy Treats

    Treats need to be 1 ingredient and 1 ingredient alone... Meat! The majority of your treats should be muscle meat not organ meat. Dehydrated, dried, freeze-dried, or home cooked are all okay.

    My favorite dog treats of all time are these! They are available via Amazon and you can save by using their "subscribe and save" which is what I and most clients do.

    > If you like to DIY, check out my method for making really affordable, high-end homemade bulk treats here: Miles & Emma's DIY Dog Treats

    #3: Food Stuffable Toys

    > The Toppl, size large: Buy at least 3 – you won’t regret it! These last for life and are LIFESAVERS! I cannot say this enough! If you can, the ideal number is 6 large.

    The easiest way to prepare them is in the evening, to thaw a day’s worth of food, stuff it into 2-3 large Toppls, and then toss them in the fridge or the freezer. When acclimating your dog to these toys, start with fridge-temp food. Once they are used to that, begin freezing the toys for long-lasting enrichment. Read more here.

    If you are raising a puppy, 6 are great because you can stuff 2 with your puppy’s meals, and 4 with the Puppy Parfait recipe below linked recipe (the puppy parfait, stuff only 1/3 full and freeze) so that you have SIX things per day to occupy your wild terrier puppy!

    #4: Safe, Long-Lasting Chews

    Bully sticks are the only chews that I recommend. Don't bother buying locally, so expensive and won't last long enough!

    > Recommended brand (let me know if sold out)

    Dietary Additions

    Start for the first week with just the raw food, 1 teaspoon of pumpkin per meal, and no supplements. After two weeks you can add in the green cubes if you desire, and start adding in any other supplements.

    Basic Supplements (veterinary approved)

    Please keep in mind the following are extremely useful for dogs on raw, and especially those on kibble. These really aren’t raw-specific – if you are feeding raw you are already offering your dog more digestable, higher-nutrient food.

    • Plain canned pumpkin: adding 1 tsp per meal can help regulate your dog’s digestion. Great when switching your dog to raw!
    • DIY Green Cubes (easy and cheap recipe!): A great addition to any dog’s diet, feed 1 cube a day at dinner. Studies have shown greens can help reduce changes of cancer in terriers!
    • Kelp Supplement: 1/8 teaspoon a day for younger dogs, 1/4 teaspoon a day for adults. Helps regulate hormone levels.
    • High quality fish oil pills: Please order the ones recommended (they have great levels of EPA and DHA), or look for pills made for humans that are sourced from small schooling fish, with NO flavorings. 1 pill a day for puppies and adults. For the first feeding poke the pill with a knife so your pup realizes the insides are delicious! Now you have doggie candy!
    • Optional – Vitamin PillNot at all essential, and pricey, but this one is hands down my favorite. I have researched or tried tons of different vitamin/mineral supplements for Miles and didn’t notice a difference with any of them except for this one! It is designed for vision, but it is just a well rounded vitamin supplement. The reviews on Amazon say it all, too. I notice Miles’ coat and energy level change when he is on or off of this supplement.

    Joint Health Supplements (veterinary recommended)

    • Green Lipped Mussel Powder: Scientifcally proven, orthopedic and rehab veteriraian recommended. Studies have shown impressive results. You can start any age of dog on this supplement, follow product dose recommendations.
    • Fish Oil Pills (see above): Important source of EPA and DHA that is hard to get from processed foods. Pills keep the product from going rancid. Most fish oil products sold for dogs are not in packaging that is ideal for product freshness, such as pumps. You can start any age of dog on this supplement, 1 pill per day.
    • Dasuquin Advanced Joint Supplement: Scientifically proven, orthopedic and rehab veterinarian recommended. Fantastic supplement for prevening and treating arthritis and other joint ailments. Follow product dose recommendations.


    A final note… There are SO many other supplements on the market, and at vet clinics. There are always hot new products, products that claim they can cure anxiety or all-in-one prevent joint problems. I attend 2-8 behavior conferences a year with the leading veterinary researchers presenting. I only add supplements that are proven to make a difference. Orthopedic and behavior veterinary specialists in particular are often exasperated at how many supplements do not make a difference yet are sold at regular vet clinics. The placebo effect is real! I will always add solidly proven supplements to this list. Otherwise, please save your money and avoid bad filler ingredients from fad supplements. For anxiety issues, please contact me. For joint health, please see above (there is no “all-in-one” joint supplement).

    Travel / Petsitter Food

    Recreational Bones

    Wait until you have committed to raw food and your dog has been on it for a month to try any of the following (except pumpkin, which is good when starting).