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These courses are terrier-approved, so imagine what that will mean for your dog. Terriers can be tricky to motivate, distractible, energetic, and body-sensitive. Experience motivating, fun, successful programs and learn at your own pace.

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How to Dremel Your Dog’s Nails

In this comprehensive, at-your-own-pace course, you will be expertly guided through simple and positive steps to make at-home dog nail care easy and successful long-term. ✅ No more discomfort or anxiety for your dog! Bonus? Smooth dog nails that will no longer scratch skin or furniture!

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Happy Safe Muzzle

Most dogs will need to wear a muzzle at some point, such as at the vet's office or in emergencies. Sometimes at points in a dog's life, being able to wear a muzzle for safety can allow them to have experiences they wouldn't be able to have otherwise. This program will teach you everything you and your dog need to know. Every dog should be muzzle trained!

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