Advanced Foundations

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Prerequisite: Puppy Foundations or Foundations Plus+

In Advanced Foundations your terrier will learn relaxation exercises, self control, how to opt in and be engaged with common routines, and you will learn core routines that you will use for life with your best friend. All positive, terrier specific methods. More details here.

6 reviews for Advanced Foundations

  1. Danielle Smith (Verified Student)

    We participated with advanced foundations after puppy foundations. Every week we see changes in our Walter! He continues to amaze us on how eager he is to learn new things and practice his exercises each day. We are so happy that at 5 months old he greets new people with all four paws on the floor. No jumping! Emma’s calming technique to help coach these wiggly bodies on how to settle and relax their minds is amazing. I am noticing that Walter will just lay down and relax while I am up moving around. O getting into mischief! I highly recommend this program to anyone who did the puppy foundation program and to those who are struggling with a strong minded terrier. They truly do want to work with their humans, they just need to be guided how to. It’s like teaching them a different language. This course is highly worth the investment.

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  2. Vincent Sagisi (Verified Student)

    Our little one is very aloof and this course has really helped get us on the right track with maintaining his focus and just overall good routines. Hello relaxation! If you have a terrier, Emma is the person you want on your team, no questions asked!

  3. Sara Baylor (Verified Student)

    Our 6 month old Welsh Terrier, Obi, completed Advanced Foundations when he was about 5 months old. He took it immediately after Foundations because he was on a roll! Emma reminds us that terrier stereotype about their unwillingness or inability to learn is NOT TRUE! As in Foundations, Emma trained us humans to train Obi and she helped us continue learning Obi-speak. She was able to interpret his more subtle behaviors for us. I feel like Emma’s programs stand out in that she trains owners and handlers to train the dog and gives skills that continue to be useful! Obi doesn’t like to do everything he’s learned (like going in his crate while its in his pen), but he still does it and he is always eager to practice every day! He’s a puppy and he still steals socks and shoes, but he can ‘drop it’ (most of the time 🙂
    Every time I had an issue or a question, Emma addressed it in a real way and never ‘sugar coated’ it, so-to-speak. She alerted us to behavior Obi might develop w/ age, even though we had not seen those behaviors at that time. For example, she taught us a protocol to help protect against resource guarding behaviors, even though Obi wasn’t doing that yet. He has since displayed that behavior… but when he did, we were prepared!
    Our experience with Emma (and Miles! 🙂 has been great! She is truly dedicated to making dogs’ lives and dog owners’ lives the best they can be together! She has always answered my questions about Obi’s behavior, even when we weren’t actively enrolled in a program. Her approach is methodical and she can provide data and information to support her methods and recommendations. Advanced Foundations is a great way to keep your terrier on the path to having his/her best life! Go for it!

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  4. Lindsey Riggs (Verified Student)

    I highly recommend taking the next step in training with Advanced Foundations. I agree with the previous reviews and will add how fun it is to watch Frankie work to learn a new skill and how cute she is when she is proud of herself for a job well done. Emma is patient, positive, and professional and every lesson is personalized and fun.

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  5. Elise Achenbach (Verified Student)

    We couldn’t agree more with the previous review!! Through Puppy Foundations, Emma is very clear that a terrier puppy – and in this case a Welsh terrier puppy – is really a diamond in the rough. Advanced Foundations is helping us to keep honing our “rough” puppy into the adult “diamond” he CAN be. At only 5 months, we know there’s plenty of work ahead of us until Archie is a finished gem. But what I really value about Emma’s training curriculum is that it’s helping us enjoy our puppy now – even though difficult puppy stages (mouthing, teething, jumping, short attention span, etc., for all of which we follow Emma’s protocols). Absolutely recommend!

  6. Amber Tsai (Verified Student)

    All topics in Advanced Foundations are based on the Puppy Foundations. It is so much fun that my puppy is so engaged with every exercise. We spend sometime everyday playing these training games, and I see progression in not only the exercise itself but in general life. Instead of rushing out the door before the walk, my wild puppy started to look at me and wait for me to release her at the door! Emma really helps me understand what my terrier is thinking and how to help her thrive. Emma provides detailed feedback for the footage of the exercises and answers all my general questions about my puppy. The biggest takeaway for me is to be able to communicate with my puppy and make the best decisions for both of us in our daily life. I highly recommend training terrier with Emma!

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