Agility Behavior Coaching

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If you haven’t discussed this program with Emma yet, please apply first by emailing. Once you’ve been approved, please select your preferred program and complete payment to secure your booking.

*Other dog sports are not advertised. If you’ve spoken with Emma and you’ve been approved, this is the correct program for behavior coaching for all dog sports.


There are two levels for this coaching. Incoming clients, please select “Level 1” and provide ample footage. 

Clients who have completed their intake month will have the option to decide between Level 1 or Level 2 coaching.


Level 1

This level includes weekly scheduled 45 minute meetings, along with unlimited video review. Please note you are expected to edit and clearly label videos and upload them as “unlisted” videos to YouTube or Vimeo. If footage is excessive and is more important than our meeting that week, we may mutually agree to skip the meeting that week to further focus on footage review for that week.

Level 2

This level includes weekly scheduled 45 minute meetings, along with up to 20 minutes per week of video footage for review. For current clients, this is a great option if you are on a budget, and I am happy to offer it. If you select this option and during your month of coaching decide that you would benefit greatly from a footage-heavy/based program, an upgrade to Level 2 is available (please note that regardless of when you upgrade, this upgrade will apply only for this month round).


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1 review for Agility Behavior Coaching

  1. Danielle Holmes (Verified Student)

    I am taking agility lessons with Emma via Zoom. It is great to work with someone who understands the terrier mind. I have made a lot of progress with both my Welsh and Scottish terriers. Her feedback is very detailed and she gives very specific “homework” with clear instructions based on where each dog (and handler) needs to improve. I love working with her! She has a very positive attitude and helps me focus on the things that are working for me and my dogs. After my lesson, I come away feeling good and with more confidence that I will be successful.

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