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This program is only available to existing clients. Please only purchase if you have connected with Emma about availability and scheduling first.


Program Description:

Lack of exercise and repetitive and injury-prone exercise outlets such as fetch can have negative effects on long-term physical and behavioral health. This program will show you how you can exercise your active dog’s mind and body in enriching and safe ways, even in ultra-small spaces, indoors! 💪 🧠 This program engages the mind and body and will provide you and your dog with skills that you will both use for life. Meeting the needs of your terrier’s body and mind has never been so relaxing and satisfying — I often do this program with a glass of wine — I sit back, relax, and let Miles exercise! This course is also a must if you are interested in agility with a terrier. In this program, you will learn exercise routines that you can use for your dog’s LIFE. I use this program when I am busy, tired, when weather etc do not allow us to go for long walks outside… It also works well in a backyard setting.

This Program Includes:

  • 1 month of personalized coaching
  • Weekly 45-minute meetings at a set day and time
  • Daily video review & Q&A
  • Incredibly fun, detailed, and easy-to-use coursework that you will have access to for life

Course Supplies:

IMPORTANT – For those who want to use the products I use, the product links are listed below. For those who want to use FREE household objects instead, they are listed after the product link for each item. That way you can look at what the product is to get an idea of what you are mimicking, then collect the free household objects I recommend. You do not have to purchase any supplies to take this course if you do not want to.


3 reviews for At-Home Exercise Program

  1. Danielle Smith (Verified Student)

    We really enjoyed this course with our pup. Walter is 11 months old and a full throttle terrier. If you know… you know! We live in colder climates and we can not do his full walks in the below zero temps during the winter. This program has taught us ways to exercise him indoors. Walter loves to do tasks, we call him an “activities dog.” He really enjoys the circuits in this program. When we are done he usually lays down on the rug for a good sleep. See attached photo for proof of post circuit workout. We have enjoyed working with Emma immensely and highly recommend this program to anyone with an “activities dog.”

    Image #1 from Danielle Smith
  2. Elise Achenbach

    We really enjoyed and benefitted from this program. Our puppy (who at the time of writing is almost a year old) has an early diagnosis of bilateral hip dysplasia. So Emma tailored this course to his specific needs, with careful attention to strengthening and safety. What we really benefitted from (as the humans) is we now have something other than “going for a walk” – or the always valuable tugging game – to tire our boy out. Just a few minutes doing a relay game with Cavalettis, the platform, and his directional exercises really tires him out. It isn’t just the physical activity, but the mental stimulation -he has to concentrate to keep up. We have harsh winters, so need something we can do inside or in the garage for bad weather days. Or if it’s too hot for a walk, we can exercise in the A/C! Not too be forgotten: these exercises help us communicate with him when we’re out on walks and need to redirect him. Absolutely recommend this program.

  3. Sara Baylor (Verified Student)

    Excellent course! Again, Emma provided a comprehensive course that got us off to a good start for getting Obi extra and various exercise. It can be difficult to get a lengthy walk in everyday; particularly when the weather is extreme. This program offers a great alternative to do exercise at home; inside or out.
    I waited until Obi had completed the course for a couple months before reviewing, so that I could say with certainly that this really does give the building blocks to give you terrier a fun workout. Obi leaned the cavalettis, step, and various cone/obstacle exercise to put together into a circuit of exercise. We’ve practiced nearly everyday and added distance; so he can now circle a cone or other object many yards away; go over a platform; and across the cavalettis in a agility-like circuit. If he does this several times, running, he gets a great little doggy workout! He also seems to really enjoy doing it, because when he sees the cones and cavalettis come out, he gets excited, starting over them before I can even finish setting them up.
    Like any other training, some time and commitment to it are necessary and pay off many times over. If your willing to be patient and put in the time, this provides convenience and additional options for you as well as variety and new fun for the terrier in you life. I highly recommend!

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