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This program is by application only. If you have been approved, proceed! If you have not applied or been approved by Emma yet, please apply. If this is an emergency or time sensitive and you have spoken with Emma about rush scheduling, the rush fee can be found here.

This is a 5-week program that begins with an Assessment and Immediate Plan in week one, followed by four weeks of customized private coaching. Throughout your 5-week program you have unlimited email, text message, and video review support. More information about this program can be found here.

11 reviews for Behavior Plan

  1. Ian Avilez (Verified Student)

    Emma is amazing and we will sing her praises until the end of time.

    We have two Welsh terriers. Our older male wasn’t the easiest to train but with LOTS of practice he got high praise from trainers, groomers, and vets alike that he was the best Welsh Terrier they had ever met.

    We introduced Momo, a female Welsh puppy, to our household over New Years and we noticed she was having some behavioral issues including guarding her food, the couch and the bed plus biting. She bit my husband and my brother multiple times, drawing blood, and my husband even had to go on antibiotics. At the very same time she was incredibly loving, sweet, and smart and every single time we thought about rehoming we would look at her, cuddled up in our laps and think that we absolutely could not do that. We wanted to work to get her to integrate into our family.

    We were so distraught and considering all of our options and reached out to a Welsh Terrier group online. Some of the members there recommended Emma. We figured why not and contacted her.

    She was incredibly understanding, supportive, and helpful. The beginning was overwhelming as we had to change almost our entire lifestyle and schedule to accommodate the recommended changes BUT we fully bought in and after only 2 weeks we saw MASSIVE improvement. We finished up with our behavioral program with zero more blood drawing bites even until today! She does occasionally bite at us but it is very gentle. Her guarding has improved so much. Now she can even snap herself out of it sometimes.

    We will continue to work with her but it no longer feels insurmountable and we no longer feel alone. We will be taking more training classes with Emma and would recommend them to anyone feeling alone, afraid of their dog, and at their wit’s end.

    Emma has given us our daughter back, there are no words that could ever convey how grateful we feel. Thank you, Emma, thank you so much.

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  2. Nikki Salter (Verified Student)

    Working with Emma was seamless. She’s a seasoned professional and a tremendous resource while raising a puppy. There were no issues with the virtual aspect of the program, she was always prompt for our zoom sessions, and quick to get back to emails.

    Our Walter (a 16 month old Welsh terrier, and my first dog) was and still is a challenge. But working with Emma has helped us understand him more, and helped us to sort out and work through some of his ‘issues’. I wouldn’t hesitate to begin a session with Emma if you are also struggling. She has a vast knowledge of dogs (and terriers in general), and she really throws herself wholeheartedly into her client cases. In addition to our zoom sessions, she spent significant time corresponding with me via email and text, and even reached out to our vet on our behalf. She is truly an advocate for both pups and their owners!

  3. C.L. (Verified Student)

    Working with Emma gave me a greater understanding of my Wheaten Terrier and terrier(ists) in general. My Wheaten had selective aggressive tendencies toward other dogs when in a group situation. She showed me how to create a better dynamic between my dog and myself and be more relaxed under certain circumstances. She showed me that type of diet, dog walking gear, and toys can influence a dog’s well-being. Her approach is flexible and she will find options (some are budget minded!) for the owner if the training can’t be met to the letter. The zoom meetings worked well and did not detract from the goal of learning about my dog, how to communicate better with him, and becoming a working partner with my working dog.

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  4. Dawn Taylor-Hudson (Verified Student)

    This is going to sound like hyperbole and I assure you it is not. Emma likely saved our terrier’s life. Because of various obstacles, health issues, and the wrong kind of initial training we ended up with a resource guarding and aggressive Lakeland terrier. We were at our wits end and were deciding that rehoming was probably the solution, however, having a bite history can make that difficult if not impossible. I found Out about Emma through an online Lakeland terrier group I’m involved with and decided to give it one more shot. Thank God we did.

    If you’re reading this while you still have a puppy, please train with Emma to avoid the situation we were in. If you already have a challenging dog, please train with Emma before you make any heartbreaking decisions. She is so compassionate and understanding of both the dogs and the humans involved.

    We did two months of training with Emma. We still have plenty of work to continue and do on our own, but we have a path now and a light at the end of a tunnel. During the time of our last class, my father was visiting, who had not seen our dig for several months and he even commented on how improved his behavior is. Emma and her training methods do make a huge difference.

  5. John Grundmann (Verified Student)

    MaGee Grundmann-April 4,2022
    We have had terriers in our lives for over forty years. We know how wonderful and how difficult they can be. Recently we adopted a six year Welsh Terrier,she arrived with many issues, hyperactive, poor impulse control and not reliably housebroken. I originally had reservations about how successful training via Zoom would work. Emma quickly dispelled my concerns of long distance education with her ability to understand and analyze our dog/owner dynamic. Emma’s guidance and coaching techniques have been so successful in helping us reach clear achievable goals! Now our sweet little girl has her forever home thanks to Emma.

  6. John Grundmann (Verified Student)

    John Grundmann – April 3, 2022

    We started training our rescue Welshie in February 2022. Emma was highly recommended by the breeder from whom we had purchased three dogs. We have used dog trainers in the past and they had always performed training in person. So, we were not certain if distance – zoom based – training would work for us or our Welshie. We were so pleased with Emma and her knowledge of terriers not only in general behavior but also in problem solving behaviors. The training using zoom was easily understood and effective. This was due to the excellent coaching Emma provided. We are very pleased with the results of the coaching and training. We enthusiastically recommend Emma and her methods.

  7. Phyllis Green (Verified Student)

    I am so very grateful for Emma and her expertise with training terriers. We have never had a terrier before Lola, only German Shepherd’s, so she was like a little alien I just could not figure out. Emma was very encouraging….and I desperately needed hope that Lola and I could work together, especially since we were starting our training late and had missed the window for some of the puppy basics. From the very beginning, the program was well organized and easy to access and follow. Emma was calm, answered all of my questions and helped get me and Lola on a path towards a wonderful working relationship. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about meeting online, but the meetings were surprisingly effective and easy. I highly recommend Emma and her program for new-to-terrier owners in need of guidance and encouragement.

  8. Emily Powell (Verified Student)

    Emma has been a voice of reason and assurance since our first email exchange. Her calm, supportive approach – with no judgement on past training methods used – has created a collaborative partnership that focuses on the well-being of Arwyn and strengthening our relationship with him. We appreciate her straightforward, simple solutions that take into account our family’s needs, wants, and overall situation. We have seen such a difference since working with Emma!

  9. Jeannette Allen (Verified Student)

    Emma’s focused approach and customized homework helped our family resolve several issues with our Terrier. The results were impressive and brought more calm and balance into our household. The ability to send video to Emma during the program helped us confirm we were following the coaching correctly, and we were able to confirm our dog was responding positively to the assigned method and technique to correct behaviors. We love the humane, positive reinforcement approach Emma brings!

  10. Nancy Zinner (Verified Student)

    I’ll never write reviews, but in this case I want to make an exception. Working with Emma made A huge difference in my life and that of my dog Coco. Coco was a rescue and came to live with me about a year ago. She was a year old and had never received any training. Coco was a little maniac, but wonderful. A very sweet but stubborn and smart girl. We worked with Emma for many months and she was able to help us become a team. Emma helped with everything from basic training, letters to my vet, food, toys, and nose work. I would recommend her without reservation.

  11. Elise Achenbach (Verified Student)

    Emma’s training style & methods are so approachable, we’d recommend her to anyone.  We’d had a “difficult” terrier before, but didn’t leave our Assessment meeting with Emma feeling like we were failures.  In fact, rather than dwell on past training or trainers, Emma has a very forward-facing outlook. We have used the Behavior Plan with our 9-year old Cairn, and couldn’t be more pleased. If we could do anything over, we wish we’d met Emma 10 years ago.  There’s no reason to spend one more day wondering how you’re going to live with your dog or whether you even can.  Emma will professionally & compassionately help you sort it out.  Her plan is tailored to our needs. In past experiences, our dog could never focus in the group class setting.  One on one sessions were no better, because the facilities always had too many distractions for our dog.  Emma’s virtual training is fantastic – so easy, so convenient. No special or expensive equipment. Working with your dog in your home environment is brilliant.  Being able to send videos of training sessions or issues is unheard of (in our experience). If you’re at your wits’ end, you won’t be after you talk to Emma.

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