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This program is by application only. If you have been approved by Emma, proceed! If you have not applied or been approved yet, please apply.

This is a 5-week program that begins with an Assessment and Immediate Plan in week one, followed by four weeks of customized foundations coaching. Throughout your 5-week program you have unlimited email, text message, and video review support. More information about this program can be found here.


8 reviews for Foundations Plus+

  1. Pam Porter (Verified Student)

    Emma with her terrier specific training curriculum completely changed our lives with our 6 month old Airedale Dublin.

    From our first training session, she gave us several training, trips and protocols to help us survive the craziness of a young terrier! As an example, we were really struggling to control him on a leash when he saw other dogs. He would bark and lunge almost to the point that I thought I might not be able to control him as he got bigger and stronger. Emma immediately had a solution. I was amazed at how well it worked and continues to get better as we practice with him.

    Almost daily we are complimented on how well behaved he is as a puppy!

    We feel fortunate to have worked with Emma and will continue to seek her guidance as we work toward Dublin becoming a happy and well behaved companion.

    Pam P

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  2. Ann (Verified Student)

    Hi Emma, my puppy and I definitely benefitted from the training with you. It’s amazing how simple exercise are so valuable. When we were first learning the exercises I couldn’t see the connection, but just yesterday I got to use one in what could have been a critical situation. I used a back screen door at the cottage to go out for a minute and it didn’t latch. My puppy came running out and ran right past me, running like the wind/ I immediately felt a wave of panic but remembered to use our training to which he came running back. I didn’t even have treats on me. After we ran up the stairs inside I showered him with treats and lots of praise. Thank you Emma!!!! Please know that it’s the best money I spent when it comes to my sweet little man and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. Drew Shafranek (Verified Student)

    Our experience with Emma could not have been better. My girlfriend Mia and I adopted our 9 week old welshie back in December of 2022 and luckily knew about Emma from a referral already, so we knew we wanted to work with her from the start. I really can’t stress enough how amazing it was to get to work with our puppy chef and take him through puppy foundations with Emma. The simple milestone lessons that she shares with you have been skills and lessons that we use with chef on an hourly basis. He has truly been the most receptive and caring dog that I’ve had and he’ still only 6 months old. If you know welsh terrier’s you know that they can be very hyper and need a ton of stimulation; and what is so great about Emma’s puppy foundation is the practices that she teaches you really fill that void for MENTAL stimulation the these dogs CRAVE. Chef LOVES going through his puppy foundation practices and gets better at them every time, and it really helps solidify that bond that you have with your puppy at the same time. I really can’t recommend working with Emma enough, especially with your welsh terrier puppies. The list of equipment she provides you with is so helpful, and her knowledge of diet and raw food is truly so amazing. We have chef on a raw diet now and it’s been great, he loves his food and has been so neutral without the crazy kibble carbohydrate zoomies.

    This experience with Emma was so helpful, and if you’re on the fence about working with her and your new puppy take my advice and go for it!
    It was worth it one hundred times over. Thank you so much Emma and Miles!!

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  4. Marcia Friedkin (Verified Student)

    Emma changed our lives… Lucy is my third welsh terrier puppy so I felt pretty confident I could handle training on my own and attend a local puppy class as I had done with my first two girls. After 6 months and a local class things were deteriorating. We were calling Lucy “baby shark,” and shoes/socks, feet/legs were constant targets. She was also a jumper, even on stairs. I was covered in bruises and Lucy was getting bolder. She wasn’t just “Lucy” she was “Lucy No” or “Lucy Stop.”

    Lucy is the smartest and most curious puppy I’ve ever had so I was particularly upset that I felt we hadn’t bonded. Since she was 12 weeks old, everytime I held her she’d look past me all around to see what she could explore next. I was concerned about Lucy’s behavior, I didn’t want her to hurt herself or someone else, but I also wanted to bond with her as I had done with my first two.

    Enter Emma (& Miles)… When I repeatedly reached out to my breeder about Lucy’s behavior she declared “I don’t know what else to tell you. I can only suggest you consult a behavior trainer” and she recommended Emma. I immediately went to Emma’s site, I couldn’t believe there was a terrier specialist! As I went through her site and read through her blog, I saw her relationship with Miles and read about her approach. I knew she “got it”and felt she could help us.

    I originally applied for Behavior help but Emma knew we needed to go back to the basics, Foundations Plus, and start again, even at 9 months old. Emma really got us and she was able to help Lucy and me become a team through “everything Emma”… the right supplies, diet, personalized zoom sessions (where we could address issues as they arose), homework, close to 24/7 text availability and personalized care and support. Emma was always there for us in every regard, she cares and understands welsh terriers and how we can too.

    This course was a huge financial investment for me, but worth every penny. Family, friends and visitors remark on how much better Lucy is (calmer, cuddler, responsive, etc). While skeptical at first, they now agree this was a wise investment! I can now redirect Lucy when/if she starts to get hyped up, she’s still a welshie after all. The difference is night and day! Do not hesitate to work with Emma, 1-on-1 with Emma over zoom is more valuable than an entire series of an in person group class.

    Thank you, Emma, we owe you everything!

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  5. Mary and John Kondrath (Verified Student)

    Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our picking up our boy from his breeders. In this photo he’s checking for squirrels in his favorite hollow tree that we dub Ye Old Squirrel Tree. Thank you again for your help in his training journey. He’s on the way to becoming our best Welsh Terrier ever…and they’ve all been great, wonderful dogs.

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  6. Jill Lewis (Verified Student)

    If you have a Welsh Terrier…CONTACT EMMA NOW!! We had such a great experience. I was very skeptical. We had 3 previous dogs and had various training methods with them and I felt like I could take on the task by what I had learned in the past. Our last dog was a welsh so when we got our new puppy I wasn’t planning to get a trainer. Our breeder recommended Emma and I began to look at her website and decided to give her a try since she works with Welsh and knows what they are like. Our pup LOVES the applications Emma teaches and has opened our eyes to a better, easier Terrier Life.

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  7. Sara Baylor (Verified Student)

    All the praise in the other reviews is absolutely valid! Emma is a wonderful trainer with a very solid grasp on the terrier temperament. Obi was at the age for Foundations Plus by the time we enrolled him, and Emma helped us hit the ground running.

    It’s hard to make decisions about providing training for your dog, so I listed some of the questions we had before we engaged Emma, and how that worked out for us and for Obi – our sweet Welsh Terrier (like Miles!) Hopefully, these answers will help others decide to take the leap and enroll their terriers too! It really makes all the difference!

    1. “Can online training really work? Doesn’t the trainer need to be with the dog?” We really weren’t sure either, but it was clear after our first lesson w/ Emma that she wasn’t training Obi – He lives with us…trusts us…needs to communicate with us. She taught us to teach him! Not to say that other trainers don’t do this too, but this does mean that online training can be VERY effective!

    2. “This is a big investment and the puppy really isn’t doing anything all puppies don’t do. Should I really spend a lot of money on this?” Obi wasn’t doing anything terrible. He had pica, but he really was a good little guy. Still, I kept thinking about the dog two doors down that barks nearly all time; and my friend’s dog, who jumps on everyone incessantly; and my socks. Obi loves textiles and even on his best-behaved day, no fabric goes unnoticed. I wondered if my clothes and linens would survive him. So, my advice is not to wait until your terrier pal is misbehaving to get training! Then you’ll have a dog that doesn’t listen, and he’s ‘not listening’ at all the worst times. Obi still presents challenges, but he is a wonderful bright little guy and I KNOW that we’d have more challenges if we had not engaged Emma before there were serious problems. You will get what you pay for with this class! The value is awesome!!

    3. “Am I going to learn anything I can’t learn by taking my puppy to a local puppy class?” I can’t say with certainty, but I think there’s a good chance you will! In my own words, Emma doesn’t teach with the sole goal of basic obedience. For example, Obi learned a few things before he learned ‘sit’. There are more valuable things, such as coming when he’s called. Emma served as a translator between us and Obi, until we learned to ‘speak his language’. Now, we can better understand Obi’s signals to us and he is very eager to please us. We can apply this to teach him other things in the future.

    4. “What if my dog doesn’t seem like a typical terrier. Will this class still work?” I’d always heard that terriers were stubborn and willful and not able to really learn much. I’d never owned one before and Obi just seemed like any other puppy to me, terrier or not. Obi has proven that they know their own minds, but it turned out that Obi was a very eager learner. Emma found his pace and made the lessons suitable for him. She helped us move ahead on things he did well and kept us practicing on things he was less eager to do. When Emma is working with you, it will be like your dog is the only dog she thinks about.

    5. “I’m pretty busy. Can I really get this done?” Yes you can! Like anything else you have to practice. We did homework every day, but it never took any more than 30 minutes total. The homework pays! I took the opportunity on my lunch breaks to read the materials Emma provides about various things. Additionally, Emma will respond to emails and texts when you have questions. I shared numerous videos of practice and she critiqued and gave feedback that we could practice with before our next meeting.

    So, if you’re thinking about taking this class, I’d say go for it. Emma can help if you’re having issues and she can help BEFORE you have issues. Terriers can learn! If Obi is any indication, they can really ENJOY IT! Obi’s tail wags basically nonstop when we do homework. He loves the engagement and the mental stimulation. It’s a great program and Emma knows her stuff! If you trust her advice and give it a chance to really work, it will really work!!!

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  8. michelle najda (Verified Student)

    Griffin was 4 months old when we applied for Foundations Plus+. We were prepared but were struggling with lots of nipping, house training, digestive issues, eating stuff off the ground, trouble settling, stealing of objects… There were some times where we really weren’t sure what to do. My son’s dream was to have a buddy, and he didn’t feel comfortable around Griffin.
    Thanks to Foundations Plus+ we are loving life with Griffin now, and best of all, my son has the sweet fun best friend he always dreamed of!

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