Nosework for Terriers

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This program is only available to existing clients. Please only purchase if you have connected with Emma about availability and scheduling first.


This Program Includes:

  • 1 month of personalized coaching
  • Weekly 45-minute meetings at a set day and time
  • Daily video review & Q&A


Course Supplies:

There are a bunch of supplies but I promise they are cheap and tiny. If they aren’t really cheap let me know and I will update the links – amazon prices do change sometimes!


Getting Ready for Class & Getting Your Kit Set Up

  1. It is ideal to get this all set up from the beginning, but don’t worry, if your supplies won’t arrive in time for Week 1, all we for sure need for Week 1 is the loaf pan which you have already. Get whatever ready that you can based on when it comes.
  2. Open your scent prep jar (the amazon link comes with 2, just use 1). Place a single cotton ball inside, and get your Birch oil. Be extremely careful not to spread any Birch oil scent onto your fingers and drop 3-4 drops onto the cotton ball. Less is more! Then close the jar,
  3. Now cut the cotton tips off of 10 q-tips. Carefully place these into your prep jar with the cotton ball. Leave overnight.
  4. Just before class, get one of your little tins, and poke 3-4 holes in the lid. I haven’t figured out the best way to do this… I just use a pen and possibly ruin the pen in the process! Always punch the holes from the outside inward — we want the outside smooth and safe for our dog’s noses.
  5. Using one of your plastic tweezers, open your prep jar and place 1 of the q-tips into your little tin.
  6. Using a bit of the putty, attach your scented tin to the center of the inside of your loaf pan.
  7. In general — store your birch oil, prep jar, used plastic tweezers, and the newly scented tin in your gear box. Basically, anything that is being used with scent goes in there. Your other supplies such as clean q-tips, cotton balls, tins, etc should stay outside of that box in case you end up using them for a different scent someday later on. If you 100% never plan on competing then don’t worry about that, in that case you for sure can store it all together in your gear box.

1 review for Nosework for Terriers

  1. Elise Achenbach (Verified Student)

    This review is a long time in coming, because we’ve now done this class TWICE. First time, Archie was about a year & a half, now he’s 2 & a half. What a difference! He (& we) had so much fun doing this. It’s a perfect rainy day game – really works his brain. And it’s fun for us to see him get it right. Don’t underestimate the power of your dog’s nose – or the quality of Emma’s training. You really can do this just about anywhere.

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