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Puppies are learning in every moment, and are like little fast moving toddlers with teeth. In this program you will learn that training isn’t the most important aspect of raising a puppy, knowing how to create good routines is! With Puppy Foundations coached by Emma Kesler CDBC CPDT-KA, raise your terrier for the first month with complete one-on-one expert guidance and support. Critical prevention of common challenges, expert routines, and invaluable and fast-tracked early learning. Take the worry and guesswork out of puppy raising, and set yourself and your terrier up for long-term success. Full details here.

3 reviews for Puppy Foundations

  1. Amber Tsai (verified owner)

    This is my first time having a terrier puppy, and I was so nervous about taking care of a wild terrier puppy even before she came. Thanks to Emma, I was able to prepare from the very beginning and understand my puppy’s behavior. My puppy and I had a lot of fun working through the homework every week together. Emma gave concrete feedback on our every single video, and I did see progression under her coaching. Emma is so encouraging and never rejects my questions about anything terrier. I learned so much and feel more confident after taking the puppy foundations, and I believe my puppy feels the same!

  2. Chip Signorino (verified owner)

    This was our first experience having a puppy and Emma was a Godsend. She gave us so many ideas and tips for dealing with a puppy and her potty issues and how to handle her tendency to nip when we play with her. Emma also advised us to start feeding her raw food and that was so helpful in getting our puppy not to pee so much in the house. We are so grateful for Emma’s help and encouragement and she has made our first experience with a puppy so much easier and so much fun for the whole family and our new puppy.

  3. PAUL WALES (verified owner)

    Emma has been an incredible help in understanding our puppy’s behavior and needs, as well as teaching us how to deal with the inevitable issues that arise in the training of a healthy, happy, well-adjusted Welsh Terrier. For guiding you and your pup through the crucial first weeks of what will become a lifelong relationship, Emma’s the ultimate teacher, coach, therapist and confidence-builder every family needs needs!

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