Rehoming Support Plan


If you are ready to rehome your dog, that means you have come to a very brave decision and you care deeply about the best interests of the dog you love very much. The decision should be the hard part, not the process.

Please email me before purchasing, prior approval is needed. If you’ve been approved, you may proceed.

Read one couple’s perspective on rehoming their dog through the Rehoming Support Plan

Read another couples’ story of being matched with a dog who was an alumni of the Rehoming Support Plan, and worked with me on the transition


Rehoming Support Plan


  • A 1-1.5 hour Zoom meeting with the current home to gather case history
  • 20 minute phone call with the rehoming facilitator, if different than the current owners
  • Supportive immediate recommendations for the current home for comfort and safety
  • A clear and concise letter that the rehoming facilitator (usually this is the breeder or the rescue group, but occasionally is the owner) can share with prospective homes to facilitate and expedite the interviewing and selection process — if the dog has any quirks or challenges, this letter will explain them in a positive, clear, and approachable way
  • A letter for the dog’s new veterinarian — and the new veterinarian is welcome to contact me via phone or email about the case
  • Support for emailed questions from the current owner and rehoming facilitator for one week (7 days) after the Assessment is conducted
  • Respect towards the privacy and anonymity of all involved
  • Compassion for all – People matter too, not just dogs. All of the homes I have worked with in rehoming situations care deeply and are willing to sacrifice their own comfort to ensure the dog gets the right fit of home they deserve, and that takes unbelievable courage and empathy
  • Speedy documentation provided to the rehoming facilitating party (owner, rescue group, or breeder – whomever will be directly facilitating the rehoming) within 48 hours of the 1-1.5 hour Zoom meeting

Doesn’t Include:

  • Sourcing, interviewing, and selection of prospective homes


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