Separation Anxiety Program


Supplies Needed:

One Month Separation Anxiety Program

  • We’ll meet for a planning meeting at beginning of program, this will take 20-60 mins and is via Zoom
  • You will film departures/returns on your camera and text message the footage to me
  • I’ll reviews videos and text messaged updates and will offer support every day
  • Multiple individualized homework PDF document instructions will be provided per month, dependent on dog’s needs and progress, that make understanding what to do and how to do it very simple
  • I work from a strong foundation of experience with a variety of separation anxiety types and many cases, along with a keen understanding of the complexities of working dog attributes and how they influence your dog’s individual expression of separation anxiety and their needs

This is a rewarding, but demanding program…

  • It is ideal to send footage or written updates no less than every 3 days for the program to be successful
  • You will likely need to be able to be home more often than usual or bring your dog with you places temporarily, and make modifications to how often and long your dog is left alone. This is standard for any successful separation anxiety program in the beginning. For progress to be made there are initially large life changes, which are temporary, but can be the toughest part of the program initially
  • Life happens — if once during the program you need to put pause on the correspondence/homework side of things, I am flexible about allowing a one-time week-long pause per program/month but just need to be notified ahead of time


Interested in trying to work through separation anxiety by yourself before trying this program? 

These two books are helpful for owners looking to try to DIY first:

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