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At around $7 a day the Support Plan is a great value in-between programs and provides you with the ability to receive personalized around-the-clock support from Emma directly. The Support Plan is $50 per week and can be started or stopped anytime. It is only available to clients who have already worked with Emma before.

* Full program details and terms here.

2 reviews for Support Plan

  1. Tamara Price

    I am not a person to write reviews about anything…not because I don’t love something or didn’t find it useful…I’m not sure what my excuse is but since finding Emma and going through two sessions of training with her, I have written more reviews than I though possible The difference this time is that I know why: what she has taught me and my co-pilot, Wellington has been life changing. I know that sounds extreme but when you consider that you are investing in a relationship that will likely last as long as a parental relationship with a child into their adult years will last, suddenly you understand how important that foundation becomes. When we finished Advanced Foundations, I will admit, I was nervous…I had grown to rely on Emma’s guidance…and I knew that there were a myriad of circumstances and questions that I would have. I learned about the support plan and couldn’t sign up fast enough. I have been able to reach out to Emma with all of my concerns…from diet to behavior to stool changes…considering another dog into the household…the list goes on. Without her, I would have been in a panic more than once and would have spent untold amounts of money for unnecessary visits to the vet…who, as well intended as they are, simply can’t compete with the breadth of passion and time committed to understanding our terriers like Emma has. Knowing that I could reach out to her whether for a boost of confidence or a place to start with my concerns literally eased my anxiety. Knowing she is there and that I have that support…honestly, invaluable. There is nothing like this program you will find anywhere else…I can’t say enough about it. You can count on Emma and you can count on the fact that whatever she is helping you with is not because that is the “standard” answer…she goes above and beyond. It is about her research, her experience and her success…it is about the things that matter. I wish everyone could have a resource like we have access to in Emma…all of our pets would be better for it. Thank you, Emma!!!

  2. Elise Achenbach

    The support plan was HUGELY helpful to us when we were in the “no-man’s land” between our 1st Puppy Foundation session (before getting our puppy) & the remaining 4 sessions (weeks later we picked up our puppy). There was a gap of a few weeks & honestly we were stressing ourselves out over a lot of details. Emma was so patient & tolerated our “new parent syndrome” with grace. But more importantly we felt like we were getting the help we needed to be prepared – especially in-between our regularly scheduled sessions. It was a lot of questions on our part – & a lot of answers and reassurance from Emma. When you go to in-person training, you don’t have any handlebars to grab in-between sessions, & Emma was easy to get hold of. We also used it while we were traveling & between Programs……it really bridges gaps in a superb way.

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