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Puppy Foundations

1 Set-Up Consultation
+ 4 Coached Sessions

Get a head start with your terrier puppy, ideally before they even come home! In this course you will be coached on the best home setups and your puppy will learn a solid foundation of training.

Advanced Foundations

4 Coached Sessions

Prerequisite: either Puppy Foundations or Adult Foundations. Create the terrier you never thought was possible!

Adult Foundations

1 Set-Up Consultation
+ 4 Coached Sessions

Didn’t do Puppy Foundations? Shift gears with your adolescent or adult terrier, and learn to work with rather than against your terrier’s nature. You might be surprised at who your dog really is!

Special Topics & Programs

Agility coaching for terriers, trick training, outdoor adventure training, conformation-specific training, at-home exercise plans, hand stripping coaching, and more!

4 Week Private Programs
Select Programs Available as 6 Week Online Group Classes

At-Home Exercise Program

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here
Group Class – 6 Weeks – Get on the Waitlist

My Most Popular Extra-Curricular Program! ? Lack of exercise, or repetivity in exercise are common problems for terriers that can have profoundly negative effects on long-term behavioral and physical health. I have developed many ways to exercise a terrier in even the most limited space such as a small apartment.

Door Crashers & Escape Artists

Prerequisite OR Joint program: Puppy or Adult Foundations, Behavior Assessment if there are multiple challenges

Does your dog bolt out of the front door? ?? Get too excited in the car? Not come when called? These are all topics I relish addressing! If you have completed a foundation program with me in the past, you are all set for this program! If you have not and this is your primary challenge, please apply for a foundation program and note at the bottom of the application that you are also interested in adding on this program to your foundations program. If you are experiencing multiple challenges, please start with a Behavior Assessment.

Sock Stealers & Bone Guarders

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks
Group Class – 4 Weeks

Does your dog steal common household objects, and then run away? Does your dog guard objects? Learn good routines, safety protcols, how to unravel stealing/guarding behaviors, and how to lessen your dog’s strong feelings about objects.

DIY Clipped Haircut for Companion Terriers

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here

This 4-week program is a combination of desensitization (many dogs are fearful of the buzzing of clippers) and clipping techniques ✂️. Your dog will feel safe and relaxed, haircuts will be fast and infrequent, and you will save a fortune long-term! If your dog has had previous negative experiences, and/or suffers from other behavior challenges, please begin with a Behavior Assessment, be clear about your challenges in the application, and state “DIY Clippered Haircut Program” as a goal.

Handstripping for Companion Terriers

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here

There are many misconceptions about handstripping ?, including that it is painful, and that you need to have your dog standing up for hours on a loose noose on a grooming table, or that you need to force your dog into submission during hand stripping. If done with proper technique and training, handstripping at home has many benefits: waterproof natural coat, less itchiness, richly colored natural coat, your dog will feel safe and relaxed during the process, and you will save money.

Leash Walking Skills for Terriers

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here
Group Class – 4 Weeks – Get on the Waitlist

Is it possible to have a terrier who is awesome on-leash? ? YES! I have coached some of the trickiest terriers out there, all to success. This is conducted as a private program (a big benefit of the private program is one-on-one live coaching on real-life, real time walks), or as an online group class which is offered twice a year.

Intro to Agility

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here
Intensive Group Class – 8 Weeks – Get on the Waitlist

Whether you just want to have fun with your terrier and tire them out, or you have dreams of competing on #teamterrier ? — you’ve come to the right place! Practice fun agility in your backyard or apartment(!) with no formal equiptment and learn good handling foundationsWhy are handling techniques importanteven if you aren’t sure you’ll ever compete? Because terriers are not resilient to unclear directions. Often we mistake agility for dogs just crashing around, but really, that isn’t safe for them, and it isn’t as fun as the exhilaration feeling of complete teamwork between dog and human.

Trick Masters: Level 1

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here
Group Class – 4 Weeks – Get on the Waitlist

?‍♂️ My Welsh Terrier Miles was the first AKC & DMWYD Trick Dog Champion. I am passionate about the benefits and fun of trick training and highly skilled in teaching terriers tricks. In this program, you will learn 6 tricks!

Trick Masters: Level 2

Private Coached Program – 4 Weeks – Apply Here
Group Class – 4 Weeks – Get on the Waitlist

? Take your dog’s trick expertise to the next level, and have a blast with them in this fun and challenging program!

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures With Your Terrier

Many people struggle with the idea that their terrier can go on fun adventures with them in the woods. ?️? I am a huge advocate for time spent outdoors with your terrier. My clients relish the time they spend outdoors with their dogs!

Private Consulting/Coaching Available for:

Agility Coaching for Current Competitors

Reading the course, for a terrier. Handler mental management, for those with unpredictable terriers. Building canine and human confidence at trials, if you are working with a terrier. Managing trial environments, with an easily-excited terrier. Attending local classes, with a terrier. These are challenges that I am passionate about helping you with. Go team terrier!

Diet & Allergy Consultations for Terriers

These consultations do not replace veterinary care, in fact, they complement them! I am experienced and knowledgeable about terriers who experience low appetite, digestive issues, itchiness, and allergies, and am very skilled at prepping you to talk to your veterinarian so that you can set foot in the right direction and get the help you and your dog need, and long-term, save a LOT of money!

Happy Safe Muzzle

Private Coached Program – 2 Weeks

Most dogs will need to wear a muzzle at some point in their lives. Many do when we aren’t aware at the vet’s office. Muzzles can also be extremely beneficial when you are working on challenges such as your dog being unpredictable in certain situatons, and when your dog likes to eat dangerous things on the ground. A proper type of muzzle will NOT limit your dog’s ability to eat, drink, pant, bark, and breathe. Proper muzzle training will lead your dog to barely notice they are wearing a muzzle! ✅ This 2-week program will teach you how to find the right muzzle, and teach you how to get your dog happy and comfortable wearing a muzzle.

Breeder Consulting

I have worked closely with breeders for a decade. I am aware of your needs and highly respectful of your privacy. Common topics include: faciliating re-homing (re-homing should not be a bad word in the terrier world), how to talk to owners who are experiencing challenges, how to screen potential owners, addressing early observable puppy behavior quirks, developing puppy packets, setting up rearing programs for behavioral success, and more.

Re-Homing (Both Sides)

I have worked with many guardians who are considering rehoming their dog, with many owners who are bringing a rescue or re-homed dog into their lives, and I have also worked with breeders to coordinate rehoming situations.

Conformation-Specific Training

I have worked closely with breeders and handlers for nearly a decade. I am aware of your needs and highly respectful of your privacy. Common topics include: lead skills, focus, ring confidence, crate training, travel challenges, physical conditioning, retirement transition and assessing homes for placement/co-ownership.

For Special Program Inquiries:

For Foundation Training, Please See:

Puppy FoundationsAdult Foundations

For Behavior Challenges, Please See:

Behavior Consults
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