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  1. AO

    We started the SA program with Emma about 6 weeks ago after my dog developed a very specific situational separation anxiety after I went on a trip. Having either with Emma since Roscoe was a puppy I knew who to call! Even though SA is something you could tackle solo I knew I wouldn’t have the discipline to do it alone. I knew having Emma provide a dog (and problem) specific training framework would set us up for success and make me take the process at the proper speed (vs me rushing).
    After following her step by step program with her ongoing review and support Roscoe is in his final training week and finally relaxed and calm when I’m away. I’m so happy I trusted the process (and Emma!) and we are seeing all the work pay off when initially it’s hard to imagine getting through this anxiety. I couldn’t recommend this program enough!!

  2. SB

    Emma was a godsend in dealing with our newest family member. Calvin came into our lives as a seven-month old, adorably cute, smart, personable and out of control Welsh Terrier. Despite having owned three Irish Terriers, a Norwich Terrier and fostering over 20 dogs, our skills were no match for Calvin who came with “issues.” A traditional dog class was out of the question — we would have been tossed out in minutes. A “generic” local dog trainer (i.e., not a terrier specialist) was $150 an hour plus travel costs. This put Emma’s fees into perspective and made the decision to get her help a no-brainer. We took Emma’s Foundations Plus and Advanced Foundations Programs. The Foundations Plus program set us on the path to our now pleasant and amusing family member. The Advanced Foundations Program furthered that journey. Her Client Supply List and Raw Food Area are invaluable bonuses. The Supply List is akin to having a personal shopper who’s already figured out what works and what does not work AND where to buy these supplies. The recommended raw food diet has benefitted both our dogs. Working with Emma is easy and enjoyable. Calvin loves Emma – he recognizes her voice and is immediately happy. We accomplished the courses with a laptop. Emma knows this breed (and other terrier-minded canines), how they think & react, and how to effectively help them become cordial family members and solid citizens.

  3. KM

    I’ve had experience raising terriers (a Welsh and Wire Fox) with some special needs and reactivity, so I learned to groom them at home to help lessen the stress for them. But I always clipped their coats, and they generally disliked the process; it was always a struggle. We have been working with Emma to train our sweet little addition to the family, a 10-month old Welsh Terrier puppy, and her coat is so outstandingly gorgeous that I didn’t want to shave it. But I also wasn’t really sure to start with handstripping, and didn’t want to force anything on our puppy that might result in reactivity later on.

    I’m so happy I enrolled in this class; Emma taught great techniques for handstripping where it counts, and how to get our pup to tolerate the sound of the clippers for areas like her rump, belly and even her ears! Our puppy gets SO excited for grooming because she knows it’ll be a session with a ton of treats and praise. Emma’s approach acclimated our young puppy to grooming in a way that sets us up for total success. I definitely recommend this class for anyone with an interest in grooming their pup at home.

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  4. SM

    Emma started us with the intro to agility. We started as fun learning for Rosie and it helped me to be more comfortable when we enrolled in an agility program. Rosie is 100% terrier and while she learns incredibly quickly, she has a mind of her own. What has helped a lot is understanding how terriers learn and how to keep Rosie engaged. Although we are getting better, it is great to have Emma guide use over the rough spots. It is also helpful to have a sense of humor.
    Thanks Emma and Miles

  5. EA

    This review is a long time in coming, because we’ve now done this class TWICE. First time, Archie was about a year & a half, now he’s 2 & a half. What a difference! He (& we) had so much fun doing this. It’s a perfect rainy day game – really works his brain. And it’s fun for us to see him get it right. Don’t underestimate the power of your dog’s nose – or the quality of Emma’s training. You really can do this just about anywhere.

  6. KF

    We were reluctant to use a muzzle on our little girl Ellie, however she is a small dog, with big girl Terrier mentality when approaching other dogs. Emma assured us she would help not only Ellie but us in getting use to the muzzle and that we all would benefit from it. Emma’s patience in working with us and gradually getting Ellie comfortable with the muzzle was amazing.

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  7. KM

    After completing Puppy Foundations and Advanced Foundations, we were so thrilled with our young pup’s progress and Emma’s fantastic approach to training that we enrolled in this special coached program. It’s perfect if you have a few specific areas you want to work on with your dog, and Emma is a font of great recommendations as well — she was able to pull together exercises and recommendations on-the-fly based on questions and concerns we voiced during our training sessions. We specifically worked on reactivity to cats and backpack training with our 5-month old Welsh Terrier, and are planning another round of coached classes. Emma has a true talent for helping people to better understand the needs of their amazing companion dogs, and knows how to get both people and dogs working joyously towards shared goals. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this custom program.

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  8. KM

    We immediately followed Puppy Foundations with this Advanced Foundations course, and I’m so glad we did! It’s honestly the best investment we could have made in setting both us and our pup up for success. Emma is such a capable and kind trainer; she tailored her approach to the specific temperament and pace of our 4-month-old pup, a “full-strength” Welsh Terrier! All training materials are clear and straightforward, and Emma was always there to answer any and all questions we had.

    I have spent my life with terriers, and have previously always run into behavioral issues that have taken a lot of time and effort to unwind. I have the utmost confidence that starting our pup out with Emma’s training from a very early age has allowed us to bypass so many potential issues, and truly understand our WT better — everything from how she’s thinking and processing things to concepts that weren’t even on my radar like body sensitivity. Our bond with our little girl is so strong, and we’re able to really enjoy her puppyhood thanks to Emma (and her amazing and esteemed assistant Miles)!

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  9. DY

    When your dog has a complex digestive case, there is no one better to help you than Emma Kesler. Her knowledge built from a long history of study and direct experience with terriers brings tremendous perspective to emergency matters at hand. I am ever so grateful for her ongoing support during a time of crisis and confusion. George is now relaxing and content with his stuffed bottle of champagne and a stuffed Xanax toy, gifts from very caring friends who have great sense of humor. Not sure if they were not subliminally meant for me! 🙃

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  10. AW

    We enrolled in the Advanced Foundation class after completing the Foundations Plus. Pippa is “full strength” Wire Fox Terrier who is now 7 months old. The Advanced Foundation was a great follow up for the Foundations Plus class because it built on and strengthened the skills she already learned. And are still working on….
    I can’t say enough about how caring Emma is about Pippa. Pippa had digestive issues that affected her health and had me very upset and worried. Emma patiently worked with us through the problem suggesting different food options and recipes for foods to try.
    She was always very prompt at getting back to us during this stressful time and sent lengthy text messages with her suggestions and ideas.
    She was also very helpful with house training Pippa. Also still a work in process…. It was a continuous struggle to get her outside to eliminate in a timely manner. We could spend 20+ minutes waiting for her to do her business. With lots of suggestions from Emma, we finally found a solution that is working.
    I highly recommend Miles and Emma Terrier Academy.

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  11. AW

    My husband and I started working with Emma when Pippa, our Wire Fox terrier, was 5 months old. Pippa was our first Wire, but we had two Lakeland terriers before Pippa so terriers were familiar to us. Even with terrier history, I felt overwhelmed and desperately needed advice and support. House training, nipping, and excess energy were just a few of Pippa’s issues.
    Prior to Emma, I had taken Pippa to a puppy class and did training with a local trainer. The puppy class was frustrating because she was distracted and not a pleaser like her classmates. The local trainer during our first session asked if I got this breed on purpose….
    On January 1, 2024 we had our first Zoom meeting with Emma. I immediately felt like she understood terriers and could help us. I slept better that night than I had since we brought Pippa home from the breeder. Emma has a plan for everything! Her website is easy to navigate and each session is reviewed on the website. There are sections on food and suggested supplies and many other resources.
    After the intake session, all others involve you and your terrier working together on Zoom. I didn’t know how this could work on Zoom, but it does!
    Emma listens to your problems and is quick to respond to any questions you have between sessions.
    I highly recommend Miles and Emma Terrier Academy and can’t say enough good things about the program.

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  12. EA

    Tricks program with Emma & our Welsh terrier Archie is so much FUN. Fun for him, & for us. Archie is young, very energetic, and needs a lot of engagement. Believe it or not – we use them everyday. Archie loved learning them, he loves doing them. They’re super handy when he gets a little bored & needs to let off some steam for a few minutes, even on a walk.

  13. DD

    We are so glad we found Emma! Working with her was so easy; you can tell she cares and she really knows her stuff! She helped us strengthen our connection with Maia, our young Welsh Terrier. Emma was so fun to work with and we never felt judged for our lack of knowledge or prior mistakes in training. Her training methods are kind, gentle, respectful, positive, and never harsh. We wish there were more “Emmas” in the world, as she is truly one of a kind! The training was easy to follow and the results have been amazing. We will definitely be working with her again in the future, and will wholeheartedly recommend her to other people!

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  14. DS

    We really enjoyed this course with our pup. Walter is 11 months old and a full throttle terrier. If you know… you know! We live in colder climates and we can not do his full walks in the below zero temps during the winter. This program has taught us ways to exercise him indoors. Walter loves to do tasks, we call him an “activities dog.” He really enjoys the circuits in this program. When we are done he usually lays down on the rug for a good sleep. See attached photo for proof of post circuit workout. We have enjoyed working with Emma immensely and highly recommend this program to anyone with an “activities dog.”

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  15. IA

    Emma is amazing and we will sing her praises until the end of time.

    We have two Welsh terriers. Our older male wasn’t the easiest to train but with LOTS of practice he got high praise from trainers, groomers, and vets alike that he was the best Welsh Terrier they had ever met.

    We introduced Momo, a female Welsh puppy, to our household over New Years and we noticed she was having some behavioral issues including guarding her food, the couch and the bed plus biting. She bit my husband and my brother multiple times, drawing blood, and my husband even had to go on antibiotics. At the very same time she was incredibly loving, sweet, and smart and every single time we thought about rehoming we would look at her, cuddled up in our laps and think that we absolutely could not do that. We wanted to work to get her to integrate into our family.

    We were so distraught and considering all of our options and reached out to a Welsh Terrier group online. Some of the members there recommended Emma. We figured why not and contacted her.

    She was incredibly understanding, supportive, and helpful. The beginning was overwhelming as we had to change almost our entire lifestyle and schedule to accommodate the recommended changes BUT we fully bought in and after only 2 weeks we saw MASSIVE improvement. We finished up with our behavioral program with zero more blood drawing bites even until today! She does occasionally bite at us but it is very gentle. Her guarding has improved so much. Now she can even snap herself out of it sometimes.

    We will continue to work with her but it no longer feels insurmountable and we no longer feel alone. We will be taking more training classes with Emma and would recommend them to anyone feeling alone, afraid of their dog, and at their wit’s end.

    Emma has given us our daughter back, there are no words that could ever convey how grateful we feel. Thank you, Emma, thank you so much.

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  16. HH

    We are so happy to have had Emma and Miles take us through Advanced Foundations. Our bond with Griffin has been accelerated through the training and games that have become a part of every day life now. A greater understanding of dog behaviors builds that bond, makes life easier and makes our love for Griffin greater. It’s been an amazing first 5 months, looking forward to that same enjoyment for years to come. Thank you.

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  17. SB

    I enrolled myself and our Welsh Terrier, Obi, in this personalized program several months ago. Obi is a fantastic little guy, but he has challenges, like the rest of us. He was struggling reactivity to all sorts of random sounds. It was nearly impossible to walk him on a busy day unless it was super early or very late. It was nearly impossible to watch TV because he couldn’t handle anything he saw on it. He also enjoyed running up behind me, jumping, and playfully nipping at my hands or rear end. He wasn’t doing it aggressively; he just clearly thought it was fun.
    Emma provided strategies to reduce all these behaviors and she was able to determine that Obi needed something more than behavior modification to conquer the extreme sensitivity to many sounds. She gave me some documentation to aid my vet in feeling confident about prescribing something for Obi.
    Now, with months having passed, I was thinking about the progress we’ve made and how much better Obi is doing – and undoubtedly feeling about sounds. Our family is very grateful for the assistance Emma provided and WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND HER FOR HER SKILLS AND PATIENCE IN DEALING WITH THESE MORE CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS.
    Obi has graduated from several of Emma’s programs and they’ve all offered us valuable skills – even tricks! – but this one was probably the one that made the biggest impact on Obi and his humans.
    If your terrier is struggling with challenges that seem impossible to deal with, give Emma a try. You’ll be amazed and what she can help you accomplish.

    Image #1 from Sara Baylor
  18. KM

    My spouse and I are lifetime dog people, and previously raised a Welsh Terrier from puppy-hood through to old age. He was the most challenging (and special!) dog I had ever known. After he passed, he left a enormous hole in our lives, but we did not feel totally up to the task of raising another Welsh. We also have a senior Wire Fox Terrier, and we were concerned about how she might adjust to having a puppy in the house.

    That’s when I found Emma’s blog and her Terrier Academy. I contacted her with the intent of maybe adopting a puppy, and she was so enormously kind and helpful. We started talking about a year before we even adopted. She worked with our Wire Fox to prepare her for puppy life, and put us in touch with an amazing WT breeder. Contacting her in advance (before our puppy was even whelped!) set us up for total success, and was the best thing we could have done.

    We had so many issues with our previous WT that we raised on our own (including digestive, potty training, and behavioral); Emma is well aware of all of these, and has detailed plans for how to *prevent* them (prevention is key!). We aren’t experiencing ANY of these issues with our new puppy.

    Puppy-hood is never easy, but with Emma on your side, you can learn to truly understand your developing pup and build important habits that will carry on into adulthood. If you’re considering adopting a terrier, especially a Welsh Terrier, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emma in advance; I am so, SO glad that we did. She is truly the Terrier Oracle, and we cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you so much, Emma and Miles!

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  19. HH

    We are so pleased and fortunate to be working with Emma Kesler (and Miles 🐾). We have always had a dog but in the past failed to get serious about training. This time around, with Griffin, our Welsh Terrier puppy, we are learning so much more about a dog’s behavior as well as our own behavior towards dogs. Emma shares insights that make so much sense, that are so logical from a dog’s perspective it only makes the lessons that much more enjoyable for ourselves and Griffin. Emma has helped us realize just how smart Griffin is and the potential she has. We truly understand how important this short period of time we have, during Griffin’s time as a puppy, to shape her behaviors and skills. Emma has provided us the knowledge and guidance to be successful in training and bonding with Griffin. A true joy and rewarding adventure Emma has embarked us on.

    Image #1 from Hugh Hollister
  20. CP

    We did Emma’s Puppy Foundations program for our new Border Terrier, Mila. We knew we needed some guidance as I’d had terriers in the past and there were always some difficulties. Little did we know this would turn out to be the most worthwhile thing we could have done for our dog, and the best money I’ve ever spent on a service. Emma teaches you not only to train your dog, but understand them. She teaches you how to raise a happy, healthy dog whose needs are met, specifically terrier needs. Our puppy is 5 months now and the early training we did has already paid off immensely. I only wish I had done this work with my previous terriers. I can’t recommend Emma’s services enough and we will definitely be working with her again in the future.

    -Christabelle & Xavier

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  21. CL

    Turns out you can teach old dogs new tricks. Steve and I have had Welsh Terriers in our life for 25 years and are starting again with our new puppy, Rowdy. We will be pushing 80 years of age if this puppy lives as long as our last Welshies and we are determined to have a dog that brings us our slippers at that point in life. Emma came recommended to us by our breeder. Who knew there was such a thing as a Terrier Trainer? We immediately made arrangements with Emma to help us before we even knew a dog would be available.

    Our first appointment with Emma, before the dog came home, was filled with preparation suggestions that just made so much sense. This was the help we needed. We got busy preparing for puppyhood and soon our little Rowdy arrived. Emma was there to meet us each week. During the one on one Zoom sessions our concerns were addressed and new material was introduced. Her website is so easy to use and an exceptional support to the classes. The included demonstration videos were referred to frequently as we checked in on our techniques for training Rowdy. During the week, training questions or various other issues would arise. Emma encouraged us to text and/or send video of those moments. She would thoughtfully reply and provide us with the help we needed at that time.

    The Puppy Foundations course has taught these old dogs new tricks. For the first time we feel prepared, equipped, and relaxed raising a new puppy. Our heightened sense of observation is teaching us how to communicate with our dog and Rowdy is showing us her eagerness to learn. Emma’s sincere care and support has been the key that has us all developing a warm relationship based on trust. We look forward to having a dog that is as crazy about us as we are about her, even if she steals the slippers as quickly as they are delivered.

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  22. FS

    I love working with Emma. She is great asset for me and Lucy. I have learned so much from training with her. It is such a pleasure to learn how to groom your own dog. Thanks Emma.

  23. PP

    Emma with her terrier specific training curriculum completely changed our lives with our 6 month old Airedale Dublin.

    From our first training session, she gave us several training, trips and protocols to help us survive the craziness of a young terrier! As an example, we were really struggling to control him on a leash when he saw other dogs. He would bark and lunge almost to the point that I thought I might not be able to control him as he got bigger and stronger. Emma immediately had a solution. I was amazed at how well it worked and continues to get better as we practice with him.

    Almost daily we are complimented on how well behaved he is as a puppy!

    We feel fortunate to have worked with Emma and will continue to seek her guidance as we work toward Dublin becoming a happy and well behaved companion.

    Pam P

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  24. A

    Hi Emma, my puppy and I definitely benefitted from the training with you. It’s amazing how simple exercise are so valuable. When we were first learning the exercises I couldn’t see the connection, but just yesterday I got to use one in what could have been a critical situation. I used a back screen door at the cottage to go out for a minute and it didn’t latch. My puppy came running out and ran right past me, running like the wind/ I immediately felt a wave of panic but remembered to use our training to which he came running back. I didn’t even have treats on me. After we ran up the stairs inside I showered him with treats and lots of praise. Thank you Emma!!!! Please know that it’s the best money I spent when it comes to my sweet little man and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  25. DS

    We participated with advanced foundations after puppy foundations. Every week we see changes in our Walter! He continues to amaze us on how eager he is to learn new things and practice his exercises each day. We are so happy that at 5 months old he greets new people with all four paws on the floor. No jumping! Emma’s calming technique to help coach these wiggly bodies on how to settle and relax their minds is amazing. I am noticing that Walter will just lay down and relax while I am up moving around. O getting into mischief! I highly recommend this program to anyone who did the puppy foundation program and to those who are struggling with a strong minded terrier. They truly do want to work with their humans, they just need to be guided how to. It’s like teaching them a different language. This course is highly worth the investment.

    Image #1 from Danielle Smith
    Image #2 from Danielle Smith
  26. NS

    Working with Emma was seamless. She’s a seasoned professional and a tremendous resource while raising a puppy. There were no issues with the virtual aspect of the program, she was always prompt for our zoom sessions, and quick to get back to emails.

    Our Walter (a 16 month old Welsh terrier, and my first dog) was and still is a challenge. But working with Emma has helped us understand him more, and helped us to sort out and work through some of his ‘issues’. I wouldn’t hesitate to begin a session with Emma if you are also struggling. She has a vast knowledge of dogs (and terriers in general), and she really throws herself wholeheartedly into her client cases. In addition to our zoom sessions, she spent significant time corresponding with me via email and text, and even reached out to our vet on our behalf. She is truly an advocate for both pups and their owners!

  27. DS

    I had lost my sweet terrier last year and it was time to bring another pup into our home. We knew we loved the intelligence and bond we experienced with our last terrier… but did we really want to go through all the neurotic behaviors again? I deep dived into researching the type of terrier we wanted. We settled on a welsh terrier. I turned to many who owned the breed asking for recommendations on books for training a terrier. That is when I learned about Emma’s terrier academy. We were initially unsure of the cost and it not being “in person.,” but we knew there had to be a better way then putting our dog through what our last terrier had gone through in training (3 different dog training programs in the first 4 years of her life). I became convinced after combing through the reviews and reading Emma’s blog.that it was worth the investment. So we submitted our application. The puppy foundations really helped prepare us. The setup she recommends and diet helped us know the best path to go down. Our boy has yet to destroy anything in our house, he is potty training well, loves his pen area, and he seems very content in his surroundings. I feel like through this training we are able to set him up for the best possible life in our family. He is learning so quickly how to work with his humans. So far no neurotic behaviors. My heart feels so thankful to have found Emma and her training methods. I feel like we are honoring our last terrier by knowing better and doing better by our current puppy. If you on the fence about doing this training so soon, just do it! You will be saving yourself and puppy from so many issues ahead.

    Image #1 from Danielle Smith
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  28. H

    Great instructions on getting ones dog to not be afraid of the muzzle & realize that wearing one won’t deter from getting lots of treats!

  29. JB

    My wife and I absolutely love working with Emma! She has given us skills, and an understanding of the Terrier mind that will benefit our family (Including our little Oliver) for ever. We couldn’t be happier!

  30. DS

    Our experience with Emma could not have been better. My girlfriend Mia and I adopted our 9 week old welshie back in December of 2022 and luckily knew about Emma from a referral already, so we knew we wanted to work with her from the start. I really can’t stress enough how amazing it was to get to work with our puppy chef and take him through puppy foundations with Emma. The simple milestone lessons that she shares with you have been skills and lessons that we use with chef on an hourly basis. He has truly been the most receptive and caring dog that I’ve had and he’ still only 6 months old. If you know welsh terrier’s you know that they can be very hyper and need a ton of stimulation; and what is so great about Emma’s puppy foundation is the practices that she teaches you really fill that void for MENTAL stimulation the these dogs CRAVE. Chef LOVES going through his puppy foundation practices and gets better at them every time, and it really helps solidify that bond that you have with your puppy at the same time. I really can’t recommend working with Emma enough, especially with your welsh terrier puppies. The list of equipment she provides you with is so helpful, and her knowledge of diet and raw food is truly so amazing. We have chef on a raw diet now and it’s been great, he loves his food and has been so neutral without the crazy kibble carbohydrate zoomies.

    This experience with Emma was so helpful, and if you’re on the fence about working with her and your new puppy take my advice and go for it!
    It was worth it one hundred times over. Thank you so much Emma and Miles!!

    Image #1 from Drew Shafranek
    Image #2 from Drew Shafranek
    Image #3 from Drew Shafranek
  31. CC

    Emma is amazing. She is a wonderful trainer with an innate love of terriers. She is also simply a wonderful human. She guided us through the early days of working with our Welsh Terrier puppy. Her holistic system works and prepares you for all of the adventure a terrier pup brings. We learned so much about our pup and ourselves. We had some serious issues to work through and Emma not only assisted us, but also took incredible time and care to listen and hear our concerns. Her care for her clients, human and canine, is extraordinary. Honestly, Terrier Academy & Puppy Foundations, was the best investment!

  32. SK

    We adopted a four month old, scruffy terrier-type puppy and immediately knew that he was very smart but also, that he would need solid training. We did a lot of research and mainly found trainers who were either wildly expensive, used inhumane methods, or only offered training basics that our puppy largely already seemed to know, like recognizing his name and sitting on command. I found Emma online and was skeptical of dog training over Zoom, but really appreciated that she focused on terrier specific behaviors and being a team with your dog.

    We loved our experience with Emma. It ended up being more expensive than we had anticipated once we got all the supplies, but her methods were a perfect match for our special rescue puppy; virtual training was absolutely right call to build trust and communication with him. We appreciated Emma’s patience, deep knowledge, responsiveness, and engagement when we had tough questions. Now that our puppy has graduated, we have the tools we need to continue to train him ourselves. We would absolutely consider returning for another class with Emma.

    For anyone skeptical about taking a rescue puppy to train with Emma when you’re not 100% sure of its breed mix, I would say our experience was overwhelmingly positive even if our puppy didn’t ultimately exhibit every single trait that a terrier might. We recently learned our puppy is half yorkie, half pitbull-lab mix. And he did great training with Emma.

  33. CL

    Working with Emma gave me a greater understanding of my Wheaten Terrier and terrier(ists) in general. My Wheaten had selective aggressive tendencies toward other dogs when in a group situation. She showed me how to create a better dynamic between my dog and myself and be more relaxed under certain circumstances. She showed me that type of diet, dog walking gear, and toys can influence a dog’s well-being. Her approach is flexible and she will find options (some are budget minded!) for the owner if the training can’t be met to the letter. The zoom meetings worked well and did not detract from the goal of learning about my dog, how to communicate better with him, and becoming a working partner with my working dog.

    Image #1 from C.L.
    Image #2 from C.L.
  34. EV

    Where to begin! Emma was recommended to us via our amazing Welsh Terrier breeder as an imperative, and puppy foundations is a MUST! My husband and I are busy working people (me a terrier fanatic since birth) and Emma’s support and guidance has allowed us to carve out time to do the crucial training that does wonders for stimulating the mind (both ours and our pup’s!), and creating a balanced relationship with our Welshie. All the supplies Emma recommends are fantastic. We transitioned to the diet pretty quickly after seeing the joy it brought to our furry guy. We’d also like to commend Emma on the conciseness and ease of the homework. Thanks to her, building a connection with our new companion has been a joy. YES to Emma and Miles! 🐾💙✨

  35. MF

    Emma changed our lives… Lucy is my third welsh terrier puppy so I felt pretty confident I could handle training on my own and attend a local puppy class as I had done with my first two girls. After 6 months and a local class things were deteriorating. We were calling Lucy “baby shark,” and shoes/socks, feet/legs were constant targets. She was also a jumper, even on stairs. I was covered in bruises and Lucy was getting bolder. She wasn’t just “Lucy” she was “Lucy No” or “Lucy Stop.”

    Lucy is the smartest and most curious puppy I’ve ever had so I was particularly upset that I felt we hadn’t bonded. Since she was 12 weeks old, everytime I held her she’d look past me all around to see what she could explore next. I was concerned about Lucy’s behavior, I didn’t want her to hurt herself or someone else, but I also wanted to bond with her as I had done with my first two.

    Enter Emma (& Miles)… When I repeatedly reached out to my breeder about Lucy’s behavior she declared “I don’t know what else to tell you. I can only suggest you consult a behavior trainer” and she recommended Emma. I immediately went to Emma’s site, I couldn’t believe there was a terrier specialist! As I went through her site and read through her blog, I saw her relationship with Miles and read about her approach. I knew she “got it”and felt she could help us.

    I originally applied for Behavior help but Emma knew we needed to go back to the basics, Foundations Plus, and start again, even at 9 months old. Emma really got us and she was able to help Lucy and me become a team through “everything Emma”… the right supplies, diet, personalized zoom sessions (where we could address issues as they arose), homework, close to 24/7 text availability and personalized care and support. Emma was always there for us in every regard, she cares and understands welsh terriers and how we can too.

    This course was a huge financial investment for me, but worth every penny. Family, friends and visitors remark on how much better Lucy is (calmer, cuddler, responsive, etc). While skeptical at first, they now agree this was a wise investment! I can now redirect Lucy when/if she starts to get hyped up, she’s still a welshie after all. The difference is night and day! Do not hesitate to work with Emma, 1-on-1 with Emma over zoom is more valuable than an entire series of an in person group class.

    Thank you, Emma, we owe you everything!

    Image #1 from Marcia Friedkin
  36. VS

    This customized course has saved us! Our pupper isn’t always food responsive, which can be really challenging with Terriers. Our little guy also got a minor cut on his foot that became infected. Let’s just the situation was challenging for a bit, but Emma was able to work with our specific issues during the healing phase, modifying some existing exercises to keep things fun and productive while we were anchored to the house.

  37. VS

    Our little one is very aloof and this course has really helped get us on the right track with maintaining his focus and just overall good routines. Hello relaxation! If you have a terrier, Emma is the person you want on your team, no questions asked!

  38. EA

    We really enjoyed and benefitted from this program. Our puppy (who at the time of writing is almost a year old) has an early diagnosis of bilateral hip dysplasia. So Emma tailored this course to his specific needs, with careful attention to strengthening and safety. What we really benefitted from (as the humans) is we now have something other than “going for a walk” – or the always valuable tugging game – to tire our boy out. Just a few minutes doing a relay game with Cavalettis, the platform, and his directional exercises really tires him out. It isn’t just the physical activity, but the mental stimulation -he has to concentrate to keep up. We have harsh winters, so need something we can do inside or in the garage for bad weather days. Or if it’s too hot for a walk, we can exercise in the A/C! Not too be forgotten: these exercises help us communicate with him when we’re out on walks and need to redirect him. Absolutely recommend this program.

  39. MA

    Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our picking up our boy from his breeders. In this photo he’s checking for squirrels in his favorite hollow tree that we dub Ye Old Squirrel Tree. Thank you again for your help in his training journey. He’s on the way to becoming our best Welsh Terrier ever…and they’ve all been great, wonderful dogs.

    Image #1 from Mary and John Kondrath
  40. SB

    Excellent course! Again, Emma provided a comprehensive course that got us off to a good start for getting Obi extra and various exercise. It can be difficult to get a lengthy walk in everyday; particularly when the weather is extreme. This program offers a great alternative to do exercise at home; inside or out.
    I waited until Obi had completed the course for a couple months before reviewing, so that I could say with certainly that this really does give the building blocks to give you terrier a fun workout. Obi leaned the cavalettis, step, and various cone/obstacle exercise to put together into a circuit of exercise. We’ve practiced nearly everyday and added distance; so he can now circle a cone or other object many yards away; go over a platform; and across the cavalettis in a agility-like circuit. If he does this several times, running, he gets a great little doggy workout! He also seems to really enjoy doing it, because when he sees the cones and cavalettis come out, he gets excited, starting over them before I can even finish setting them up.
    Like any other training, some time and commitment to it are necessary and pay off many times over. If your willing to be patient and put in the time, this provides convenience and additional options for you as well as variety and new fun for the terrier in you life. I highly recommend!

  41. DL

    We have just completed Puppy Foundations training with Emma (and Miles). It has been a fun and insightful experience. We made plans to start training as soon as our Toy Fox Terrier came home. At 12 weeks she was already a handful. With Emma’s help we found exactly what Gracie needed to become a happy and well rounded puppy. Gracie loves the homework sessions and it has been fun to watch her think through a situation and then resolve the problem. I have attended many training classes and this is by far the best way to train a terrier. Emma has great ideas (including Puppy Parfait) and Gracie loves all of it. We are seeing great results and look forward to Advanced Foundations. Thanks Emma for sharing your insight. It is making a difference!

    Image #1 from Deborah Leadingham
  42. VS

    I don’t think there’s more I could add to the already stellar reviews. If you want a healthy, working relationship with your terrier, Emma is the person to work with. Game changer!

  43. JF

    Emma Kesler and Terrier Academy Puppy Foundations are AMAZING!!

    My breeder recommended Emma and I contacted her as soon as I knew we were getting our Welsh. We signed up for Puppy Foundations which was terrific!! Emma”s website made things “easy peasy” because there were links for the right crate, pen, leashes, treats, food, toys……..everything you need. I resisted buying the specific toy she recommended, but Emma convinced me, and the toy is worth it’s weight in gold. Beau loves it and it tires him out.

    Terrier pups have more energy than any other dog. I’ve had 3 pups in the past (one Welsh) and never used a pen. I did this time upon Emma’s recommendation and set up instructions, and it sure makes things easy and it is Beau’s safe space. Our first meeting with Emma was before Beau arrived, and Emma really prepared us, even convincing us to try a raw diet. Emma is extremely supportive and gives a lot of encouragement because raising a puppy is not easy. I now make puppy milkshakes and dehydrate meat for Beau’s treats. You always have access to her well written student website which contains videos, tips, lessons, and recipes. The most important stage of life in kids and dogs is the very beginning. What you do now will pay off in the long run and you will have a well behaved, loyal companion for many years. Hiring Emma was a wise choice and we are glad we did.

  44. JL

    If you have a Welsh Terrier…CONTACT EMMA NOW!! We had such a great experience. I was very skeptical. We had 3 previous dogs and had various training methods with them and I felt like I could take on the task by what I had learned in the past. Our last dog was a welsh so when we got our new puppy I wasn’t planning to get a trainer. Our breeder recommended Emma and I began to look at her website and decided to give her a try since she works with Welsh and knows what they are like. Our pup LOVES the applications Emma teaches and has opened our eyes to a better, easier Terrier Life.

    Image #1 from Jill Lewis
  45. AW

    Emma’s Puppy Foundations course was highly recommended to me by my breeder so I came in with already high expectations, and they were more than exceeded! Emma and Miles really know their stuff. Her training sessions along with her helpful setup and behavior guides have taken what I know to be a stressful time period (bringing a puppy home) to a very enjoyable one. Emma is so patient and kind, and genuinely excited to see you and your puppy succeed. My puppy is easily redirected with all of Emma’s teachings and my older dog is VERY thankful for all the other ways we’ve learned to keep her busy (rather than her favorite pastime of dangling from his beard). We are all very thankful for Emma at our house!

    Image #1 from Anna Weible
  46. TP

    I am not a person to write reviews about anything…not because I don’t love something or didn’t find it useful…I’m not sure what my excuse is but since finding Emma and going through two sessions of training with her, I have written more reviews than I though possible The difference this time is that I know why: what she has taught me and my co-pilot, Wellington has been life changing. I know that sounds extreme but when you consider that you are investing in a relationship that will likely last as long as a parental relationship with a child into their adult years will last, suddenly you understand how important that foundation becomes. When we finished Advanced Foundations, I will admit, I was nervous…I had grown to rely on Emma’s guidance…and I knew that there were a myriad of circumstances and questions that I would have. I learned about the support plan and couldn’t sign up fast enough. I have been able to reach out to Emma with all of my concerns…from diet to behavior to stool changes…considering another dog into the household…the list goes on. Without her, I would have been in a panic more than once and would have spent untold amounts of money for unnecessary visits to the vet…who, as well intended as they are, simply can’t compete with the breadth of passion and time committed to understanding our terriers like Emma has. Knowing that I could reach out to her whether for a boost of confidence or a place to start with my concerns literally eased my anxiety. Knowing she is there and that I have that support…honestly, invaluable. There is nothing like this program you will find anywhere else…I can’t say enough about it. You can count on Emma and you can count on the fact that whatever she is helping you with is not because that is the “standard” answer…she goes above and beyond. It is about her research, her experience and her success…it is about the things that matter. I wish everyone could have a resource like we have access to in Emma…all of our pets would be better for it. Thank you, Emma!!!

  47. SB

    Our 6 month old Welsh Terrier, Obi, completed Advanced Foundations when he was about 5 months old. He took it immediately after Foundations because he was on a roll! Emma reminds us that terrier stereotype about their unwillingness or inability to learn is NOT TRUE! As in Foundations, Emma trained us humans to train Obi and she helped us continue learning Obi-speak. She was able to interpret his more subtle behaviors for us. I feel like Emma’s programs stand out in that she trains owners and handlers to train the dog and gives skills that continue to be useful! Obi doesn’t like to do everything he’s learned (like going in his crate while its in his pen), but he still does it and he is always eager to practice every day! He’s a puppy and he still steals socks and shoes, but he can ‘drop it’ (most of the time 🙂
    Every time I had an issue or a question, Emma addressed it in a real way and never ‘sugar coated’ it, so-to-speak. She alerted us to behavior Obi might develop w/ age, even though we had not seen those behaviors at that time. For example, she taught us a protocol to help protect against resource guarding behaviors, even though Obi wasn’t doing that yet. He has since displayed that behavior… but when he did, we were prepared!
    Our experience with Emma (and Miles! 🙂 has been great! She is truly dedicated to making dogs’ lives and dog owners’ lives the best they can be together! She has always answered my questions about Obi’s behavior, even when we weren’t actively enrolled in a program. Her approach is methodical and she can provide data and information to support her methods and recommendations. Advanced Foundations is a great way to keep your terrier on the path to having his/her best life! Go for it!

    Image #1 from Sara Baylor
    Image #2 from Sara Baylor
    Image #3 from Sara Baylor
    Image #4 from Sara Baylor
    Image #5 from Sara Baylor
  48. EA

    We love the Special Coached Program sessions. We have two dogs – one a Welsh puppy & the other a 10 y/o Cairn. Emma is tops at reading the room with the dog you’ve got & customizing the sessions to our goals for each dog (which are very similar & yet different at the same time). We have loved her standardized curriculum programs (i.e., Puppy Foundations), but this Special Coached program is a bit like Montessori for your dog – at their pace. Maybe one dog has an easier time with grooming, & the other one at learning tricks. Each week addresses each dogs unique place on their life spectrum. Nothing cookie-cutter about it. We’re on at least our 3rd month of this (maybe more??)…..& absolutely recommend.

  49. EA

    The support plan was HUGELY helpful to us when we were in the “no-man’s land” between our 1st Puppy Foundation session (before getting our puppy) & the remaining 4 sessions (weeks later we picked up our puppy). There was a gap of a few weeks & honestly we were stressing ourselves out over a lot of details. Emma was so patient & tolerated our “new parent syndrome” with grace. But more importantly we felt like we were getting the help we needed to be prepared – especially in-between our regularly scheduled sessions. It was a lot of questions on our part – & a lot of answers and reassurance from Emma. When you go to in-person training, you don’t have any handlebars to grab in-between sessions, & Emma was easy to get hold of. We also used it while we were traveling & between Programs……it really bridges gaps in a superb way.

  50. CS

    While we’ve had three Welsh Terriers in the past, this is our first time with a puppy less than 6-months old. As new parents we were excited but also anxious about raising a little WT. Emma’s methods have helped all three of us adjust to the new experience and things have gone far better than what we ever expected. I’m so glad we chose terrier specific training and I especially like our private online sessions. I would recommend this course for all WT owners.

    Image #1 from Crystal Stephenson
  51. SB

    All the praise in the other reviews is absolutely valid! Emma is a wonderful trainer with a very solid grasp on the terrier temperament. Obi was at the age for Foundations Plus by the time we enrolled him, and Emma helped us hit the ground running.

    It’s hard to make decisions about providing training for your dog, so I listed some of the questions we had before we engaged Emma, and how that worked out for us and for Obi – our sweet Welsh Terrier (like Miles!) Hopefully, these answers will help others decide to take the leap and enroll their terriers too! It really makes all the difference!

    1. “Can online training really work? Doesn’t the trainer need to be with the dog?” We really weren’t sure either, but it was clear after our first lesson w/ Emma that she wasn’t training Obi – He lives with us…trusts us…needs to communicate with us. She taught us to teach him! Not to say that other trainers don’t do this too, but this does mean that online training can be VERY effective!

    2. “This is a big investment and the puppy really isn’t doing anything all puppies don’t do. Should I really spend a lot of money on this?” Obi wasn’t doing anything terrible. He had pica, but he really was a good little guy. Still, I kept thinking about the dog two doors down that barks nearly all time; and my friend’s dog, who jumps on everyone incessantly; and my socks. Obi loves textiles and even on his best-behaved day, no fabric goes unnoticed. I wondered if my clothes and linens would survive him. So, my advice is not to wait until your terrier pal is misbehaving to get training! Then you’ll have a dog that doesn’t listen, and he’s ‘not listening’ at all the worst times. Obi still presents challenges, but he is a wonderful bright little guy and I KNOW that we’d have more challenges if we had not engaged Emma before there were serious problems. You will get what you pay for with this class! The value is awesome!!

    3. “Am I going to learn anything I can’t learn by taking my puppy to a local puppy class?” I can’t say with certainty, but I think there’s a good chance you will! In my own words, Emma doesn’t teach with the sole goal of basic obedience. For example, Obi learned a few things before he learned ‘sit’. There are more valuable things, such as coming when he’s called. Emma served as a translator between us and Obi, until we learned to ‘speak his language’. Now, we can better understand Obi’s signals to us and he is very eager to please us. We can apply this to teach him other things in the future.

    4. “What if my dog doesn’t seem like a typical terrier. Will this class still work?” I’d always heard that terriers were stubborn and willful and not able to really learn much. I’d never owned one before and Obi just seemed like any other puppy to me, terrier or not. Obi has proven that they know their own minds, but it turned out that Obi was a very eager learner. Emma found his pace and made the lessons suitable for him. She helped us move ahead on things he did well and kept us practicing on things he was less eager to do. When Emma is working with you, it will be like your dog is the only dog she thinks about.

    5. “I’m pretty busy. Can I really get this done?” Yes you can! Like anything else you have to practice. We did homework every day, but it never took any more than 30 minutes total. The homework pays! I took the opportunity on my lunch breaks to read the materials Emma provides about various things. Additionally, Emma will respond to emails and texts when you have questions. I shared numerous videos of practice and she critiqued and gave feedback that we could practice with before our next meeting.

    So, if you’re thinking about taking this class, I’d say go for it. Emma can help if you’re having issues and she can help BEFORE you have issues. Terriers can learn! If Obi is any indication, they can really ENJOY IT! Obi’s tail wags basically nonstop when we do homework. He loves the engagement and the mental stimulation. It’s a great program and Emma knows her stuff! If you trust her advice and give it a chance to really work, it will really work!!!

    Image #1 from Sara Baylor
    Image #2 from Sara Baylor
    Image #3 from Sara Baylor
    Image #4 from Sara Baylor
    Image #5 from Sara Baylor
    Image #6 from Sara Baylor
  52. DT

    This is going to sound like hyperbole and I assure you it is not. Emma likely saved our terrier’s life. Because of various obstacles, health issues, and the wrong kind of initial training we ended up with a resource guarding and aggressive Lakeland terrier. We were at our wits end and were deciding that rehoming was probably the solution, however, having a bite history can make that difficult if not impossible. I found Out about Emma through an online Lakeland terrier group I’m involved with and decided to give it one more shot. Thank God we did.

    If you’re reading this while you still have a puppy, please train with Emma to avoid the situation we were in. If you already have a challenging dog, please train with Emma before you make any heartbreaking decisions. She is so compassionate and understanding of both the dogs and the humans involved.

    We did two months of training with Emma. We still have plenty of work to continue and do on our own, but we have a path now and a light at the end of a tunnel. During the time of our last class, my father was visiting, who had not seen our dig for several months and he even commented on how improved his behavior is. Emma and her training methods do make a huge difference.

  53. JG

    MaGee Grundmann-April 4,2022
    We have had terriers in our lives for over forty years. We know how wonderful and how difficult they can be. Recently we adopted a six year Welsh Terrier,she arrived with many issues, hyperactive, poor impulse control and not reliably housebroken. I originally had reservations about how successful training via Zoom would work. Emma quickly dispelled my concerns of long distance education with her ability to understand and analyze our dog/owner dynamic. Emma’s guidance and coaching techniques have been so successful in helping us reach clear achievable goals! Now our sweet little girl has her forever home thanks to Emma.

  54. JG

    John Grundmann – April 3, 2022

    We started training our rescue Welshie in February 2022. Emma was highly recommended by the breeder from whom we had purchased three dogs. We have used dog trainers in the past and they had always performed training in person. So, we were not certain if distance – zoom based – training would work for us or our Welshie. We were so pleased with Emma and her knowledge of terriers not only in general behavior but also in problem solving behaviors. The training using zoom was easily understood and effective. This was due to the excellent coaching Emma provided. We are very pleased with the results of the coaching and training. We enthusiastically recommend Emma and her methods.

  55. KP

    Puppies are sweet, adorable and full of promise. Within 24 hours, your new puppy will start to challenge your sleep and your sanity. You need Emma to guide you. Artie was 8 weeks when we brought him home on a Monday. Artie had his first training session 24 hours later.

    Emma has a proven plan that starts before you bring puppy home. If you work with Emma, not only will you have a template to follow and weekly zoom lessons, but you can text Emma with questions. For example, it was really cute the first time Artie scooped all the water out of his water bucket and started playing ‘slip & slide’ inside his puppy palace. He was having a great time, but we could see that left unchecked, this was going to lead to future challenges. Fortunately, Emma has seen it all before. She helped us test out a few solutions until we found what worked for us. No matter what Artie threw at us, we could count on Emma to guide us through it.

    Now that Artie is 10 months, I can whole heartedly say Emma’s program works. Artie is a confident dog. He is well socialized, and is on his way to being our dream dog.

    We’ve had 3 Airedales in the past. Our first Airedale we brought home at 8 weeks. She was a wonderful and amazing dog, who fit into our lifestyle despite the traditional dog training class we attended, and officially failed. The next two we adopted as adults through rescue. Both were also sweet dogs, but each had significant behavioral challenges that limited their ability to enjoy the world. We spent most of their years with us controlling their environment while trying to re-condition them to be more comfortable and confident. For our fourth dog, we decided to raise a puppy again.

    I am so grateful we found Emma, a Terrier specialist and a great person. We’ve worked with a lot of other trainers with our terriers over the past 30 years. Emma is the kind of dog trainer who likes humans too. She provides information verbally, and in writing after each weekly lesson. Emma is patient and sympathetic. Emma will not ‘grab the leash’ from you, have your dog execute a command, and then ridicule you in front of the class for not being able to replicate it. Emma will listen to you, watch how you interact with your dog, and provide feedback that you can put into action. I often joke that Artie already knows how to do most things, he is just waiting for us to learn how to ask him. Emma is the kind of trainer who understands teaching humans how to communicate is the key to partnering with a Terrier.
    You can turn a terrier puppy into your dream dog too. Just follow these steps:

    1. Contact Emma

    2. Invest in success. Set up the Puppy Palace. Don’t cut corners: get the tarp, get the fluffy squid tug toy, get the leash with the light weight weight buckle. Order a bunch of Toppls. Everything has been Terrier tested & approved. The dividends may roll in slowly, but they grow over a lifetime.

    3. Bring puppy home and enjoy the journey! One day, you will look out the door and realize that little ball of frenetic fluff is turning into your dream dog.

    Image #1 from Karen Prater
    Image #2 from Karen Prater
    Image #3 from Karen Prater
  56. LR

    I highly recommend taking the next step in training with Advanced Foundations. I agree with the previous reviews and will add how fun it is to watch Frankie work to learn a new skill and how cute she is when she is proud of herself for a job well done. Emma is patient, positive, and professional and every lesson is personalized and fun.

    Image #1 from Lindsey Riggs
  57. LR

    Emma set us up for success before our Frankie even arrived. The puppy supply list and set up she recommends are easy, well thought out, and great for the puppy and their person. Puppy Foundations is a gem of a program. I love that it helped me understand what Frankie is thinking when she behaves a certain way so that I can train her in more loving and affective ways. The class provided me with excellent training techniques but even better helped to establish a wonderful bond and trust between my puppy and me. Thank you, Emma and Miles!

    Image #1 from Lindsey Riggs
  58. PG

    I am so very grateful for Emma and her expertise with training terriers. We have never had a terrier before Lola, only German Shepherd’s, so she was like a little alien I just could not figure out. Emma was very encouraging….and I desperately needed hope that Lola and I could work together, especially since we were starting our training late and had missed the window for some of the puppy basics. From the very beginning, the program was well organized and easy to access and follow. Emma was calm, answered all of my questions and helped get me and Lola on a path towards a wonderful working relationship. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about meeting online, but the meetings were surprisingly effective and easy. I highly recommend Emma and her program for new-to-terrier owners in need of guidance and encouragement.

  59. EA

    We couldn’t agree more with the previous review!! Through Puppy Foundations, Emma is very clear that a terrier puppy – and in this case a Welsh terrier puppy – is really a diamond in the rough. Advanced Foundations is helping us to keep honing our “rough” puppy into the adult “diamond” he CAN be. At only 5 months, we know there’s plenty of work ahead of us until Archie is a finished gem. But what I really value about Emma’s training curriculum is that it’s helping us enjoy our puppy now – even though difficult puppy stages (mouthing, teething, jumping, short attention span, etc., for all of which we follow Emma’s protocols). Absolutely recommend!

  60. EA

    This is our 2d terrier puppy, our 4th terrier companion, but our FIRST Welsh terrier. We won’t repeat what’s already been said above, except yes, yes, and YES. One of the many things we have really valued about Emma’s program is that it anticipates common issues (nipping, guarding, body sensitivity, to mention a few) & instills proactive preventive measures with the goal of (1)educating us about our dog’s needs and (2)ultimately avoiding the issues from the get-go. Three cheers for Puppy Foundations!

  61. DH

    I am taking agility lessons with Emma via Zoom. It is great to work with someone who understands the terrier mind. I have made a lot of progress with both my Welsh and Scottish terriers. Her feedback is very detailed and she gives very specific “homework” with clear instructions based on where each dog (and handler) needs to improve. I love working with her! She has a very positive attitude and helps me focus on the things that are working for me and my dogs. After my lesson, I come away feeling good and with more confidence that I will be successful.

    Image #1 from Danielle Holmes
  62. SC

    When we got Fiona, our Welsh puppy, I really wanted to avoid issues we’d had with our Airedales. (Our last Airedale dropped out of group classes after repeating puppy kindergarten twice and I hadn’t learned much at all.) I know what it’s like to constantly butt heads with a terrier and I wanted to be able to enjoy Fiona from the beginning and not wait until she’s an old dog for her to be a good dog. Emma helped us so much and now, at almost six months, Fiona is a joy. I can successfully redirect all kinds of puppy energy that would otherwise go toward biting and mayhem. I can keep her little brain busy figuring out what I want her to do instead of how she can be naughty. Working with her delightful little terrier personality is so much better than bucking it, or waiting for her to get old. Thank you, Emma!

  63. EP

    Emma has been a voice of reason and assurance since our first email exchange. Her calm, supportive approach – with no judgement on past training methods used – has created a collaborative partnership that focuses on the well-being of Arwyn and strengthening our relationship with him. We appreciate her straightforward, simple solutions that take into account our family’s needs, wants, and overall situation. We have seen such a difference since working with Emma!

  64. MN

    Griffin was 4 months old when we applied for Foundations Plus+. We were prepared but were struggling with lots of nipping, house training, digestive issues, eating stuff off the ground, trouble settling, stealing of objects… There were some times where we really weren’t sure what to do. My son’s dream was to have a buddy, and he didn’t feel comfortable around Griffin.
    Thanks to Foundations Plus+ we are loving life with Griffin now, and best of all, my son has the sweet fun best friend he always dreamed of!

    Image #1 from michelle najda
    Image #2 from michelle najda
    Image #3 from michelle najda
    Image #4 from michelle najda
    Image #5 from michelle najda
  65. JA

    Emma’s focused approach and customized homework helped our family resolve several issues with our Terrier. The results were impressive and brought more calm and balance into our household. The ability to send video to Emma during the program helped us confirm we were following the coaching correctly, and we were able to confirm our dog was responding positively to the assigned method and technique to correct behaviors. We love the humane, positive reinforcement approach Emma brings!

  66. NZ

    I’ll never write reviews, but in this case I want to make an exception. Working with Emma made A huge difference in my life and that of my dog Coco. Coco was a rescue and came to live with me about a year ago. She was a year old and had never received any training. Coco was a little maniac, but wonderful. A very sweet but stubborn and smart girl. We worked with Emma for many months and she was able to help us become a team. Emma helped with everything from basic training, letters to my vet, food, toys, and nose work. I would recommend her without reservation.

  67. NZ

    I’ll never write reviews, but in this case I want to
    make an exception. Working with Emma made A
    huge difference in my life and that of my dog
    Coco. Coco was a rescue and came to live with
    me about a year ago. She was a year old and had
    never received any training. Coco was a little
    maniac, but wonderful. A very sweet but stubborn
    and smart girl.
    We worked with Emma for many months and she
    was able to help us become a team. Emma
    helped with everything from basic training, letters
    to my vet, food, toys, and nose work. I would
    recommend her without reservation.

  68. NZ

    I’ll never write reviews, but in this case I want to
    make an exception. Working with Emma made A
    huge difference in my life and that of my dog
    Coco. Coco was a rescue and came to live with
    me about a year ago. She was a year old and had
    never received any training. Coco was a little
    maniac, but wonderful. A very sweet but stubborn
    and smart girl.
    We worked with Emma for many months and she
    was able to help us become a team. Emma
    helped with everything from basic training, letters
    to my vet, food, toys, and nose work. I would
    recommend her without reservation.

  69. EA

    Emma’s training style & methods are so approachable, we’d recommend her to anyone.  We’d had a “difficult” terrier before, but didn’t leave our Assessment meeting with Emma feeling like we were failures.  In fact, rather than dwell on past training or trainers, Emma has a very forward-facing outlook. We have used the Behavior Plan with our 9-year old Cairn, and couldn’t be more pleased. If we could do anything over, we wish we’d met Emma 10 years ago.  There’s no reason to spend one more day wondering how you’re going to live with your dog or whether you even can.  Emma will professionally & compassionately help you sort it out.  Her plan is tailored to our needs. In past experiences, our dog could never focus in the group class setting.  One on one sessions were no better, because the facilities always had too many distractions for our dog.  Emma’s virtual training is fantastic – so easy, so convenient. No special or expensive equipment. Working with your dog in your home environment is brilliant.  Being able to send videos of training sessions or issues is unheard of (in our experience). If you’re at your wits’ end, you won’t be after you talk to Emma.

  70. AT

    All topics in Advanced Foundations are based on the Puppy Foundations. It is so much fun that my puppy is so engaged with every exercise. We spend sometime everyday playing these training games, and I see progression in not only the exercise itself but in general life. Instead of rushing out the door before the walk, my wild puppy started to look at me and wait for me to release her at the door! Emma really helps me understand what my terrier is thinking and how to help her thrive. Emma provides detailed feedback for the footage of the exercises and answers all my general questions about my puppy. The biggest takeaway for me is to be able to communicate with my puppy and make the best decisions for both of us in our daily life. I highly recommend training terrier with Emma!

  71. PW

    Emma has been an incredible help in understanding our puppy’s behavior and needs, as well as teaching us how to deal with the inevitable issues that arise in the training of a healthy, happy, well-adjusted Welsh Terrier. For guiding you and your pup through the crucial first weeks of what will become a lifelong relationship, Emma’s the ultimate teacher, coach, therapist and confidence-builder every family needs needs!

  72. CS

    This was our first experience having a puppy and Emma was a Godsend. She gave us so many ideas and tips for dealing with a puppy and her potty issues and how to handle her tendency to nip when we play with her. Emma also advised us to start feeding her raw food and that was so helpful in getting our puppy not to pee so much in the house. We are so grateful for Emma’s help and encouragement and she has made our first experience with a puppy so much easier and so much fun for the whole family and our new puppy.

  73. JA

    Emma’s focused approach and customized homework helped our family resolve several issues with our Terrier. The results were impressive and brought more calm and balance into our household. The ability to send video to Emma during the program helped us confirm we were following the coaching correctly, and we were able to confirm our dog was responding positively to the assigned method and technique to correct behaviors. We love the humane, positive reinforcement approach Emma brings!

  74. AT

    This is my first time having a terrier puppy, and I was so nervous about taking care of a wild terrier puppy even before she came. Thanks to Emma, I was able to prepare from the very beginning and understand my puppy’s behavior. My puppy and I had a lot of fun working through the homework every week together. Emma gave concrete feedback on our every single video, and I did see progression under her coaching. Emma is so encouraging and never rejects my questions about anything terrier. I learned so much and feel more confident after taking the puppy foundations, and I believe my puppy feels the same!

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