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Private Consulting and Coaching Available for:

Agility Coaching For Terriers

Foundation skills necessary to succeed in agility settings, with a terrier. Reading the course, for a terrier. Handler mental management, for those with those “unpredictable” terriers. Building predictability and confidence at trials, with a terrier. Managing trial environments, with a terrier. Attending local classes successfully, with a terrier… Finally, somebody that “gets it!”⚡⚡⚡ 

Diet & Allergy Consultations for Terriers

Does your terrier fit any of the following?

  • Itchy
  • Allergic
  • Ear or eye infections, bothered feet
  • Poor or intermittent appetite
  • Picky eater
  • Sensitive stomach
  • Stomach easily bothered by novel treats or foods
  • Eats things off of the ground compulsively
  • Frequent flyer at the vet

There is hope ℹ️! These consultations do not replace or interfere with veterinary care. These consultations complement veterinary care.

Terrier + Baby!

If you are planning on welcoming a baby to your life, getting set up for success with your terrier ahead of time is invaluable.

Rehoming & Rescue - Guidance for New Guardians

Rehomed/rescue dogs can have histories that seem intimidating. If you work with a specialist, you can make the right calls and set the right routines from the beginning and avoid past problems reoccuring. You will have an expert available 24/7 during your program as you adjust to life with your new best friend. I frequently collaborate with the previous and new veterinarians, and when possible, the breeder. My goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible and create a lasting forever home. 💌

Rehoming Support Plan

Life isn’t simple, and often circumstances outside of our control result in the tough decision to rehome a dog. The decision should be the hard part, not the process. Every home I have worked with has cared deeply about the dog, enough so that they care more about the dog’s future than their own sadness over the decision. Many breeders recommend this program. This program is free of judgement and full of support.

Consulting for Breeders

I have worked closely with breeders for a decade. I am aware of your needs and respectful of your privacy. Common topics include: how to talk to owners who are experiencing challenges, how to screen potential homes to prevent challenges and rehoming, behavior quirks, interpretation of body language, setting up environment and rearing methods for behavioral success, contract wording regarding care and behavior, rehoming cases, and more. Every breeder I work with has been deeply committed to the well-being of their dogs. I admire how challenging being a good breeder is, and I am very appreciative of what you do for the future of dogs.

Conformation-Specific Consulting

Common topics include: lead skills (I am very proud to say that I have helped several show dogs that no one thought could walk on lead), focus, noise issues, ring confidence, crate skills, travel skills, physical conditioning, retirement transition, and assessing homes for placement/co-ownership.

DIY Clipped Haircut for Companion Terriers

* Currently Only Offered to Alumni of Foundations Programs

This program is a combination of desensitization for your dog, and at-home clipping techniques for you ✂️. Your dog will feel safe and relaxed, haircuts will be fast and infrequent, and you will save money.

Handstripping for Companion Terriers

* Currently Only Offered to Alumni of Foundations Programs

There are many misconceptions about handstripping, including that it is painful, that you have to have your dog standingon a tight noose on a grooming table, or that you need to force your dog. Handstripping at home has many benefits: a relaxed dog, a waterproof natural coat, less itchiness, and a richly colored coat. 💈You will save money long term, and your dog will feel safe and relaxed.

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For Behavior Challenges, Please See:

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