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  1. We are so glad we found Emma! Working with her was so easy; you can tell she cares and she really knows her stuff! She helped us strengthen our connection with Maia, our young Welsh Terrier. Emma was so fun to work with and we never felt judged for our lack of knowledge or prior mistakes in training. Her training methods are kind, gentle, respectful, positive, and never harsh. We wish there were more “Emmas” in the world, as she is truly one of a kind! The training was easy to follow and the results have been amazing. We will definitely be working with her again in the future, and will wholeheartedly recommend her to other people!

    Image #1 from David Dachauer
  2. We really enjoyed this course with our pup. Walter is 11 months old and a full throttle terrier. If you know… you know! We live in colder climates and we can not do his full walks in the below zero temps during the winter. This program has taught us ways to exercise him indoors. Walter loves to do tasks, we call him an “activities dog.” He really enjoys the circuits in this program. When we are done he usually lays down on the rug for a good sleep. See attached photo for proof of post circuit workout. We have enjoyed working with Emma immensely and highly recommend this program to anyone with an “activities dog.”

    Image #1 from Danielle Smith
  3. Emma is amazing and we will sing her praises until the end of time.

    We have two Welsh terriers. Our older male wasn’t the easiest to train but with LOTS of practice he got high praise from trainers, groomers, and vets alike that he was the best Welsh Terrier they had ever met.

    We introduced Momo, a female Welsh puppy, to our household over New Years and we noticed she was having some behavioral issues including guarding her food, the couch and the bed plus biting. She bit my husband and my brother multiple times, drawing blood, and my husband even had to go on antibiotics. At the very same time she was incredibly loving, sweet, and smart and every single time we thought about rehoming we would look at her, cuddled up in our laps and think that we absolutely could not do that. We wanted to work to get her to integrate into our family.

    We were so distraught and considering all of our options and reached out to a Welsh Terrier group online. Some of the members there recommended Emma. We figured why not and contacted her.

    She was incredibly understanding, supportive, and helpful. The beginning was overwhelming as we had to change almost our entire lifestyle and schedule to accommodate the recommended changes BUT we fully bought in and after only 2 weeks we saw MASSIVE improvement. We finished up with our behavioral program with zero more blood drawing bites even until today! She does occasionally bite at us but it is very gentle. Her guarding has improved so much. Now she can even snap herself out of it sometimes.

    We will continue to work with her but it no longer feels insurmountable and we no longer feel alone. We will be taking more training classes with Emma and would recommend them to anyone feeling alone, afraid of their dog, and at their wit’s end.

    Emma has given us our daughter back, there are no words that could ever convey how grateful we feel. Thank you, Emma, thank you so much.

    Image #1 from Ian Avilez
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    Image #3 from Ian Avilez
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    Video #2 from Ian Avilez
  4. We are so happy to have had Emma and Miles take us through Advanced Foundations. Our bond with Griffin has been accelerated through the training and games that have become a part of every day life now. A greater understanding of dog behaviors builds that bond, makes life easier and makes our love for Griffin greater. It’s been an amazing first 5 months, looking forward to that same enjoyment for years to come. Thank you.

    Image #1 from Hugh Hollister
    Image #2 from Hugh Hollister
    Image #3 from Hugh Hollister
  5. I enrolled myself and our Welsh Terrier, Obi, in this personalized program several months ago. Obi is a fantastic little guy, but he has challenges, like the rest of us. He was struggling reactivity to all sorts of random sounds. It was nearly impossible to walk him on a busy day unless it was super early or very late. It was nearly impossible to watch TV because he couldn’t handle anything he saw on it. He also enjoyed running up behind me, jumping, and playfully nipping at my hands or rear end. He wasn’t doing it aggressively; he just clearly thought it was fun.
    Emma provided strategies to reduce all these behaviors and she was able to determine that Obi needed something more than behavior modification to conquer the extreme sensitivity to many sounds. She gave me some documentation to aid my vet in feeling confident about prescribing something for Obi.
    Now, with months having passed, I was thinking about the progress we’ve made and how much better Obi is doing – and undoubtedly feeling about sounds. Our family is very grateful for the assistance Emma provided and WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND HER FOR HER SKILLS AND PATIENCE IN DEALING WITH THESE MORE CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS.
    Obi has graduated from several of Emma’s programs and they’ve all offered us valuable skills – even tricks! – but this one was probably the one that made the biggest impact on Obi and his humans.
    If your terrier is struggling with challenges that seem impossible to deal with, give Emma a try. You’ll be amazed and what she can help you accomplish.

    Image #1 from Sara Baylor
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