I learn so much from each and every individual who puts trust in me. Special thanks to my generous clients who have offered to share their stories.

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  1. Sara Baylor (Verified Student)

    All the praise in the other reviews is absolutely valid! Emma is a wonderful trainer with a very solid grasp on the terrier temperament. Obi was at the age for Foundations Plus by the time we enrolled him, and Emma helped us hit the ground running.

    It’s hard to make decisions about providing training for your dog, so I listed some of the questions we had before we engaged Emma, and how that worked out for us and for Obi – our sweet Welsh Terrier (like Miles!) Hopefully, these answers will help others decide to take the leap and enroll their terriers too! It really makes all the difference!

    1. “Can online training really work? Doesn’t the trainer need to be with the dog?” We really weren’t sure either, but it was clear after our first lesson w/ Emma that she wasn’t training Obi – He lives with us…trusts us…needs to communicate with us. She taught us to teach him! Not to say that other trainers don’t do this too, but this does mean that online training can be VERY effective!

    2. “This is a big investment and the puppy really isn’t doing anything all puppies don’t do. Should I really spend a lot of money on this?” Obi wasn’t doing anything terrible. He had pica, but he really was a good little guy. Still, I kept thinking about the dog two doors down that barks nearly all time; and my friend’s dog, who jumps on everyone incessantly; and my socks. Obi loves textiles and even on his best-behaved day, no fabric goes unnoticed. I wondered if my clothes and linens would survive him. So, my advice is not to wait until your terrier pal is misbehaving to get training! Then you’ll have a dog that doesn’t listen, and he’s ‘not listening’ at all the worst times. Obi still presents challenges, but he is a wonderful bright little guy and I KNOW that we’d have more challenges if we had not engaged Emma before there were serious problems. You will get what you pay for with this class! The value is awesome!!

    3. “Am I going to learn anything I can’t learn by taking my puppy to a local puppy class?” I can’t say with certainty, but I think there’s a good chance you will! In my own words, Emma doesn’t teach with the sole goal of basic obedience. For example, Obi learned a few things before he learned ‘sit’. There are more valuable things, such as coming when he’s called. Emma served as a translator between us and Obi, until we learned to ‘speak his language’. Now, we can better understand Obi’s signals to us and he is very eager to please us. We can apply this to teach him other things in the future.

    4. “What if my dog doesn’t seem like a typical terrier. Will this class still work?” I’d always heard that terriers were stubborn and willful and not able to really learn much. I’d never owned one before and Obi just seemed like any other puppy to me, terrier or not. Obi has proven that they know their own minds, but it turned out that Obi was a very eager learner. Emma found his pace and made the lessons suitable for him. She helped us move ahead on things he did well and kept us practicing on things he was less eager to do. When Emma is working with you, it will be like your dog is the only dog she thinks about.

    5. “I’m pretty busy. Can I really get this done?” Yes you can! Like anything else you have to practice. We did homework every day, but it never took any more than 30 minutes total. The homework pays! I took the opportunity on my lunch breaks to read the materials Emma provides about various things. Additionally, Emma will respond to emails and texts when you have questions. I shared numerous videos of practice and she critiqued and gave feedback that we could practice with before our next meeting.

    So, if you’re thinking about taking this class, I’d say go for it. Emma can help if you’re having issues and she can help BEFORE you have issues. Terriers can learn! If Obi is any indication, they can really ENJOY IT! Obi’s tail wags basically nonstop when we do homework. He loves the engagement and the mental stimulation. It’s a great program and Emma knows her stuff! If you trust her advice and give it a chance to really work, it will really work!!!

    Foundations Plus+Foundations Plus+

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  2. Dawn Taylor-Hudson (Verified Student)

    This is going to sound like hyperbole and I assure you it is not. Emma likely saved our terrier’s life. Because of various obstacles, health issues, and the wrong kind of initial training we ended up with a resource guarding and aggressive Lakeland terrier. We were at our wits end and were deciding that rehoming was probably the solution, however, having a bite history can make that difficult if not impossible. I found Out about Emma through an online Lakeland terrier group I’m involved with and decided to give it one more shot. Thank God we did.

    If you’re reading this while you still have a puppy, please train with Emma to avoid the situation we were in. If you already have a challenging dog, please train with Emma before you make any heartbreaking decisions. She is so compassionate and understanding of both the dogs and the humans involved.

    We did two months of training with Emma. We still have plenty of work to continue and do on our own, but we have a path now and a light at the end of a tunnel. During the time of our last class, my father was visiting, who had not seen our dig for several months and he even commented on how improved his behavior is. Emma and her training methods do make a huge difference.

    Behavior PlanBehavior Plan

  3. John Grundmann (Verified Student)

    MaGee Grundmann-April 4,2022
    We have had terriers in our lives for over forty years. We know how wonderful and how difficult they can be. Recently we adopted a six year Welsh Terrier,she arrived with many issues, hyperactive, poor impulse control and not reliably housebroken. I originally had reservations about how successful training via Zoom would work. Emma quickly dispelled my concerns of long distance education with her ability to understand and analyze our dog/owner dynamic. Emma’s guidance and coaching techniques have been so successful in helping us reach clear achievable goals! Now our sweet little girl has her forever home thanks to Emma.

    Behavior PlanBehavior Plan

  4. John Grundmann (Verified Student)

    John Grundmann – April 3, 2022

    We started training our rescue Welshie in February 2022. Emma was highly recommended by the breeder from whom we had purchased three dogs. We have used dog trainers in the past and they had always performed training in person. So, we were not certain if distance – zoom based – training would work for us or our Welshie. We were so pleased with Emma and her knowledge of terriers not only in general behavior but also in problem solving behaviors. The training using zoom was easily understood and effective. This was due to the excellent coaching Emma provided. We are very pleased with the results of the coaching and training. We enthusiastically recommend Emma and her methods.

    Behavior PlanBehavior Plan

  5. Karen Prater (Verified Student)

    Puppies are sweet, adorable and full of promise. Within 24 hours, your new puppy will start to challenge your sleep and your sanity. You need Emma to guide you. Artie was 8 weeks when we brought him home on a Monday. Artie had his first training session 24 hours later.

    Emma has a proven plan that starts before you bring puppy home. If you work with Emma, not only will you have a template to follow and weekly zoom lessons, but you can text Emma with questions. For example, it was really cute the first time Artie scooped all the water out of his water bucket and started playing ‘slip & slide’ inside his puppy palace. He was having a great time, but we could see that left unchecked, this was going to lead to future challenges. Fortunately, Emma has seen it all before. She helped us test out a few solutions until we found what worked for us. No matter what Artie threw at us, we could count on Emma to guide us through it.

    Now that Artie is 10 months, I can whole heartedly say Emma’s program works. Artie is a confident dog. He is well socialized, and is on his way to being our dream dog.

    We’ve had 3 Airedales in the past. Our first Airedale we brought home at 8 weeks. She was a wonderful and amazing dog, who fit into our lifestyle despite the traditional dog training class we attended, and officially failed. The next two we adopted as adults through rescue. Both were also sweet dogs, but each had significant behavioral challenges that limited their ability to enjoy the world. We spent most of their years with us controlling their environment while trying to re-condition them to be more comfortable and confident. For our fourth dog, we decided to raise a puppy again.

    I am so grateful we found Emma, a Terrier specialist and a great person. We’ve worked with a lot of other trainers with our terriers over the past 30 years. Emma is the kind of dog trainer who likes humans too. She provides information verbally, and in writing after each weekly lesson. Emma is patient and sympathetic. Emma will not ‘grab the leash’ from you, have your dog execute a command, and then ridicule you in front of the class for not being able to replicate it. Emma will listen to you, watch how you interact with your dog, and provide feedback that you can put into action. I often joke that Artie already knows how to do most things, he is just waiting for us to learn how to ask him. Emma is the kind of trainer who understands teaching humans how to communicate is the key to partnering with a Terrier.
    You can turn a terrier puppy into your dream dog too. Just follow these steps:

    1. Contact Emma

    2. Invest in success. Set up the Puppy Palace. Don’t cut corners: get the tarp, get the fluffy squid tug toy, get the leash with the light weight weight buckle. Order a bunch of Toppls. Everything has been Terrier tested & approved. The dividends may roll in slowly, but they grow over a lifetime.

    3. Bring puppy home and enjoy the journey! One day, you will look out the door and realize that little ball of frenetic fluff is turning into your dream dog.

    Puppy FoundationsPuppy Foundations

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“When I brought my terrier puppy home at 9 weeks of age, I had 2 goals that I wanted to accomplish: good behavior and good socialization. Emma has such insight into the terrier brain and how they perceive things. Having had a Welsh Terrier before, it has been an exciting experience to see Tory’s responsiveness to the training. Whatever she learns seems to become imprinted very quickly into her brain.”



"Emma is the best. I have found the lessons very helpful. Meghan, our four-legged child was very difficult; to handle. Without her help we would not have been able to deal with her. Our dog, Meghan, was impossible to walk. She was wild. I could not go half a block. She is a pleasure to be with now. She has responded to Emma’s techniques very well. She would not respond to traditional methods. To anyone thinking about working with Emma I say JUST DO IT"



"A past trainer used coercive training techniques. The dog and I both disliked the class. The trainer did not seem to know the dog or care about anything but her own techniques. She did not give the dog the desire to comply. Training sessions with Emma are enjoyable. She addresses our specific concerns and issues rather than just a standard list of topics. Emma let’s us set the pace with our questions and needs. Emma has helped with training, feeding, housebreaking, and keeping both Stella and our furniture safe. I had some doubts about online training, but it has been very easy. We can watch Emma demonstrate with Miles and then Emma can watch us work with Stella."



"Emma is approachable, supportive, positive, and a great problem solver! We have appreciated working with her to help us help Puck! It was great to have a specific plan to focus on each week, and know that we would review again the following session, and Emma would help correct and fine tune our training. I think we have more respect for how hard Puck is working and trying to learn and please us. It feels more natural for us to focus on good behavior than focusing on “no” and negative reinforcement. He is so smart, and Emma’s training has helped us see that! We think this is a great investment in helping us all live together happily!"

Doug & Elizabeth


"I hired Emma because I had a large adolescent terrier and an older small dog in a small space. Emmas help was clear and concise. I loved having the tailored homework, it was helpful and not overwhelming. Anyone can benefit from Emmas education and training. I am grateful to her for her hard work and help! Our dogs get along!!"



“She has found her calling in life. There are not very many people that you can say, you were made for that. Emma has found her calling for sure. Without exception, every lesson that we finished up, I felt better than when we started. Even if we hadn’t done our homework perfectly, after our meetings, I always felt more enthused and just more upbeat. I can’t imagine raising our terrier puppy without the basis that Emma gave us.”

Debbie & Wayne


"Emma is incredibly knowledgeable, but very laid back. The investment of both time and money is so worth it when your terrorist becomes the sweet terrier you were hoping for! During Harvey’s puppy years, Emma helped us create a plan for him so we get things done and live normally. She set us up for success in his adult years with him coming when we call, releasing potentially harmful objects on command and knowing how to manage him when we have guests. She also was key in resolving his allergy problems. Our Harvey will come when called, he’ll run to his bed and lay down on command, and thanks to Emma he has stopped itching!'



"Working with Emma has been nothing but amazing! We are finally able to connect with our puppy and enjoy him. He is so much calmer and relaxed."

R & M


“Learning how to create a connection with your pup through love, fun, positivity and mutual respect; I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the 1:1 Face Time sessions worked so that the training could be personalized to how Griffin was responding. It also helped to see Miles demonstrating some of the training methods. Emma – you know I love all you’ve done to make our special pup Griffin such a joy. You are so much more than a terrier trainer.”



"Life with a welsh terrier is not always easy, but with Emma’s help we have learned it can be very rewarding. And whenever I have doubts about something, need advice, or have successes to share, Emma is still the one I turn to first."

D & A


"Emma is exceptional. Her methods are easy to follow and I now have a turbo-charged but well behaved Welsh Terrier. I found Emma’s methods gentle, dog-intuitive and the results incredible. I enthusiastically recommend her! I would like to say that Emma’s training of me and my Welsh Terrier has enriched both of our lives immensely. She guided both me and my puppy through extremely challenging times. Her expert training produced a relaxed and happy owner and a relaxed and well behaved terrier. Thank you for such a gift."



"It’s amazing over the last couple of weeks how many people have said that Roscoe is very calm for a puppy! I think your lessons are doing the job!"



"I truly enjoyed getting to know Emma as a person as well as a highly qualified trainer! I like her style!! She takes the time to listen to the problem/question and gives a complete and understandable answer! Very down to earth, upbeat, and positive! The documentation provided is a very nice touch! It reinforces everything that was covered during the session. This especially helps me not forget certain aspects of the lesson. I can relate different aspects of what our two terriers are doing to the training we’ve received. For instance now I can spot things the dogs are doing and say to myself “Emma would suggest this…… “!"



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