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How Do Courses Work?



6 week online courses are run periodically at Terrier Academy.
It doesn’t matter where you live, you can be a part of the community!

Video Demonstrations, Written Instructions, and Individualized Instructor Support

The course documentation is engaging and clear. All learning styles are supported. Included are video demonstrations, written instructions, and individualized instructor support.

No Scheduling Problems

Don’t worry about making it to class at a set time, the classroom and chat area will be open and ready for you to pop in when the timing is right for you each week!


Unlimited Questions and Video Review

For the 6 weeks of class, you can submit as many questions and as many videos for review as you like. You will receive individual instructor feedback.


No Prior Tech Experienced Needed

All you need is WiFi and a computer, tablet, or smartphone to attend and take the course.

Fun Fun Fun!

Gone are the days where you were made to feel like your terrier was the “worst” in class. Learn from an expert on terrier behavior, see your terrier respond, and make friends in the process! This is a community where you will be supported and we can all laugh and learn together. 


$295 per student per each 6-week course

* Course topics are available as individual coached programs. If you would prefer to work with me privately on course topics, please apply here. Limited availability.

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At-Home Exercise / Pre-Agility Class

Group Class – 6 Weeks

If you struggle getting your pup’s attention and keeping their focus even with fun training, please look into Foundation Programs.

Lack of exercise and repetitive and injury-prone exercise outlets such as fetch can have negative effects on long-term physical and behavioral health. This program will show you how you can exercise your active dog’s mind and body in enriching and safe ways, even indoors! 💪 🧠 This program engages the mind and body and will provide you and your dog with skills that you will both use for life. This course is also a must if you are interested in agility with a terrier.

Intro to Agility: Terrier Style

Group Class – 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: the At-Home Exercise / Pre-Agility Course

Whether you just want to have fun with your dog and tire them out, or you have dreams of competing 🏁🏆 — you’ve come to the right place! Practice fun agility at home with no formal equipment, learn introductory terrier management techniques for agility environments, and learn introductory handling foundations that work for terriers. Why are handling techniques important even if you aren’t sure you’ll ever compete? Because, agility is all about the driver. Whether or not you plan on competing, your handling matters for everyone’s enjoyment.

Agility Competitors

Check out:

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures With Your Terrier

Group Class: 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Leash Skills for Terriers

Can any dog enjoy freedom in the woods? 🌲⛰️🌲 On my blog milesandemma.com, my terrier is often seen enjoying trails all over North America. I believe that hiking (being out in nature, free range of movement, longer mileage than normal walks) is a necessity for any working type of dog, and especially terrier types! In this course, you will learn how to introduce your dog to hiking trails safely, including how to deal with other dogs on trials!

Leash Walking Skills for Terriers

Group Class – 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: None

Is it possible to have a terrier or other “tricky” type who is awesome on-leash? YES! 👣🐾🐾 Through this program, you will learn all of the leash foundations you will need for long-term success. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn in detail how to have better walks with their dog.

Sock Stealers

Group Class – 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Completion of a Foundation Program is strongly suggested

Does your dog steal common household objects, and then run away and have a grand old time with those objects with no regard for your concern? 🧦🖊️ Learn good routines and safety protocols, and how to unravel stealing behaviors.

*If your dog exhibits guarding that has resulted in snappy behavior that has lead to bruises to human skin or more and/or other concerning behaviors, please go to Behavior Help. I specialize in resource guarding and can help you get on a safe path!

Trick Masters: Level 1

Group Class – 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Completion of a Foundation Program is strongly suggested

I am passionate about the benefits of trick training, and I am skilled at teaching terriers tricks. 🎪🎬 In this program, you will be expertly guided through six tricks, in detail and with lots of support. Level 1 focuses on tricks that are fun, impressive, and (surprise) also really functional! In Level 1 your dog will learn six new adorable party tricks, that can also be used in important real-life scenarios.

Trick Masters: Level 2

Group Class – 6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Trick Masters Level 1

Take your dog’s trick expertise to the next level, and have a blast together in this fun, immersive, and challenging program! My pup Miles was the first AKC & DMWYD Welsh Terrier Trick Dog Champion. Miles is a “10/10 working terrier” by nature, so if you think your terrier is an unlikely prospect, think again! ⚡⚡

An important note about

Terrier Specific
Foundation Programs


If you are serious about sharing your life with the kind of terrier you dream of, it is worthwhile to consider a Foundations Program before diving into these courses. Foundations Programs are only offered one-on-one based on the strong feedback I have received from my clients about how invaluable one-on-one personalized time together is for Foundations. To see what the alumni of Terrier Academy Foundations Programs have to say, check out the many video testimonials peppered around this website! 

For Behavior Challenges, Please See:

Behavior Help
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